My Dear American Friends:     HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Every time when a New Year comes around I feel like chosen. After all, Today is the day that so many people who died last year wanted to live! Especially, when you get aged, everyday is a chosen day and you are chosen everyday. After all, I shall never have a day like today again. Sometimes my children ask me why they are “my sons and daughters” and not “my grandchildren.” And my answers are usually “because I adopted you as my sons and daughters.” Sometimes, I try to explain our relationship with our God in the same manner. I may not be correct theologically, but this is just children-talk. Age-wise, infinite number of “Greats; great great great great etc.” will not explain our God’s relationship to us, but we are His children because he adopted us as His sons and daughters. And besides, He chose us among the multitude! How can we not be Happy!

I am sending you a picture of a Church just started in China... The picture may not be clear, but I just wanted to show you how happy people can be when they found the Lord. This is what’s called “JOY-FUL,” that is, “full of joy.” This is the JOY NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY!

Talking about chosen day, we ordained a young man to the ministry in a hospital bed last year. Actually, it was a death-bed. He was dying by cancer, but he wanted to be a minister so bad and he almost graduated from Bible College. So we decided to ordain him. He lived for several months after the ordination. And he ministered to many people who came to see him at the hospital. Actually, he even baptized one person... SHE WAS HIS MOTHER, who believed in God and Jesus Christ by seeing the FAITH OF HER SON in the death-bed.

I was not able to heal him, but I was happy that God answered our prayers. Even if I could not heal him, I am beginning to see how God answers our prayers in my age of seventy-plus. When I was a younger minister, I, sometimes, prayed that every sick person for whom I prayed would be healed (what a stuck-up minister I was!). Now I pray that God’s Will be done and He heals! One of our boys came to us about ten years ago with a failing heart. In other words, he was dying. In fact, doctors said that he will not live more than six months (it was a birth defect). And we prayed. We prayed so hard that this boy LEARNED TO SAY JESUS’ NAME BEFORE HE LEARNED TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE. Now, he lived more than ten years and is healthier than anybody else.

Sometimes, I feel that HOLY SPIRIT IS MORE LIKE BATTERY. I was talking to my children the other day about Holy Spirit. (Believe me, it is not easy to explain Holy Spirit to the children.) I said, it is like a “Battery.” For a flashlight, for instance, is nothing without a battery. For a car, it will not spark and will stop sooner or later without a battery. For a Christian, the Power comes from the Holy Spirit According to the Bible [Acts 2:38], we receive the gift of Holy Spirit when we believe and are baptized. That is, battery was given to all Christians, but the batteries run out after awhile, and need to be recharged. Our Holy Spirit needs to be recharged too with prayers and Bible study, etc. In fact, two or more people gather together in prayers, just like two or more batteries, it creates powerful magnetic field and we become powerful! Again it may not make any sense to the theological world, but that’s how I explained Holy Spirit to my children.

Did I tell you about the famine of batteries in North Korea? There they have to use private radios in order to listen to our Gospel broadcasting. The trouble is when they run out of batteries, there is no way to replace them. And so there is a famine of batteries in North Korea, as well as a famine of food. May God open North Korea soon, so that their spiritual batteries will be recharged, instead of their nuclear weapons and may your batteries be recharged abundantly in the New Year!

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae

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