January 2008

My Dear American Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR of worm? Actually, it's the year of "the rat" they say. The reason why I mentioned "worm" is because one of my prayers this year is TO BE LIKE WORMS. I find that in Isaiah 41:14 God calls Jacob "worm." So there must be something good about worm, even if it's disliked by the most (at least, I do not know anybody who is making pets of worms). One of the good points about worms is that they are cultivating the earth, no matter how ignored or how despised they are. In fact, they say that the more worms there are, the better the soil is. Another point is that, when a part of a worm is being cut off, it keeps growing, a new tail? or head? In fact, I used to teach in my homiletic class what I called earth worm sermons. It's a kind of sermon which keeps growing no matter what part of it is taken.

You see, when you preach in the streets, you don't have very good audience. If people like to come to listen, they stay and listen -- if they don't, they go away without saying "good bye" or anything. In fact, if they really do not like, they come back with rocks, or perhaps with a bucket full of water. So no matter how much of the sermon they listened to, we want that part of the sermon to stick with the listeners, go home with them, and develop into a full new sermon. Actually, it's a kind of sermon which is packed with the basic doctrine in every work, every phrase, and every sentence. So no matter what part of the sermon is taken, it can develop into a full new sermon. I rather like that phrase EARTH WORM SERMON. In fact, I rather like worms!

We had many projects in 2007, and God was in every one of these projects. IMMANUEL! He was with our victories and  He was with our difficulties! He was with our cry of joy and He was with our tears. Did you know that  PEARLS ARE really the TEAR DROPS!. The culturers of the pearls told me that when the oysters are young, they plant a piece of pearl-egg deep inside. And the oysters, in their desperate effort to push out the painful hurting pearl-piece, eventually make beautiful pearls. So they are really tear drops of the pearl-oysters! That's what brought the victories of 2007 and the  tear drops will bring victories in 2008.

My personal goal as well as the goal of our Geon Christian Children's Home, and the goals of the Church and the University will be the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health!  Like Paul points out in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, "May your Spirit and Soul and Body be preserved complete, without blame at the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." The physical health will be achieved by two main activities: eating and exercising, that is, taking in and giving out. the HEALTH OF THE SOUL will be achieved also by two activities: being Loved and Loving the others. Many of our children, when they first come to our home, do not know how to laugh or even to cry, because they were not loved. They start to open up and grow emotionally when they are loved. And then when they start to give back that love, their souls are truly healthy. The HEALTH OF THE SPIRIT is the same thing. Receiving God's Love and Loving God because we are compelled to love [2 Corinthians 5:14] are the keys of the spiritual health! May you all be healthy -- physically, emotionally and spiritually, in 2008

Fe Hyun, the girl with cancer, is back home for a few days in between the treatments. Thanks to your prayers HER TUMOR HAS SHRUNKEN enough to have an operation, the Doctor said. She lost all her hair and quite a bit of weight, but she didn't lose her smile, thank God. We prepared her Christmas gift and she was laughing with the other children. To us -- directors, teachers and dorm mothers -- her laughter was the most beautiful Christmas present from God.

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae

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