January 2012

My dear American friends:

HAPPY NEW YEAR of the black dragon. Actually, our New Year's day comes a little later, but they say that the year of black dragon come once every 60 years... So, many loving couples have been waiting for this year to be wedded. (They say that a couple wedded in this year will have happiness and a baby born this year will be blessed or something...) I keep telling people that a person who become a Christian in this year (or any year actually) will be doubly blessed.

I really don't know nor do I care about the year of black dragon, but a Korean Airline proposed to give free rides to our bigger children and they are excited... actually, they are scared... and I keep telling them that all they have to do is to get on, and it will take them there in no time. Actually, I preached, in one of my New Year sermons, that 'faith is like a free ride on Jesus.' Sometimes, even I, who practically lived on airplanes, wonder how an airplane with so many heavy people on it, can float and fly in air. The answer is 'RUNNING LIKE MAD', like Paul said in Phippians 3:14 "press toward the mark," and the plane will float and fly. THE BUOYANCY WILL PREVAIL OVER THE UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION! All you have to do is to get on it... get on the plane. Faith is to get on Jesus Christ! And I am hoping that we will have less children with motion-sickness this year.

You probably read that the North Korean dictator is dead. North Korean TV shows lots of people crying like mad. We really do not know whether to laugh or cry. Actually, majority of South Korean people are holding their breath expecting something to happen. It may be liberation or it may be a war. Whatever it may be, it is a chance for change. And I hope that it will be a peaceful unification. Actually, I hope that it will be a GOSPEL UNIFICATION! Without Gospel, this world has no hope anyway.

As the years go by, as we get older, we find the more things that we can not do. I used to hold our children and twirl them around like one man merry-go-round, and when I stop, I used to find more than a few children lined up. But now a days, I get dizzy myself just by twirling a couple of children. I feel so weak and helpless like a piece of 'torn electric wire'. I guess faith is like a torn off electric wire. It has no power by itself. But when it is connected to the source of electricity, it can move a mountain. Like our faith, when it is connected to the source of power, like God, Holy Spirit, there is no limit what it can do. Even if you are like a torn off electric wire, weak and powerless, I pray that you may be always connected to the source of power in 2012 and you will see God's miracles!

As I mentioned in some of my letters, we started to take care of the North Korean orphans near to the border of North Korea, that is, China side. We rented a house and now taking care of 11 children. We, that is a group of missionaries called 'ONE RACE MISSION' and presently I am the President of it, even have a cow and a heifer, to help feeding the orphans (I mentioned this project also in one of my former letters, now it is becoming the reality). The heifers were so expensive that we almost gave up the project. Even one cow we had, we decided to have a farmer raise it. But according to the farmer, one day, as he awoke, lo, there was a heifer! So we have a cow and a heifer. And we are feeding milk to the children, We plan to raise the children and teach them until they graduate High Schools. And even with that much education, they are already wonderful workers for Christ! Actually, these High School graduates are even better workers, because they have refined faith... refined through persecution!

Please pray for;

1. these orphaned children in "House of Love" at the border

2. particularly for a boy called "Shin Duk" whose parents are in a North Korean prison

3. for my son, John Chae, as he prepares to join our work

Yours because of Calvary,


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