January 2013

My dear American Friends:

We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR of snake? But this snake will not win... Like Gen. 3: 15 predicts "He (Christ), will crush your head, and you will strike His heel." Satan may crush our heels all the time, but our Lord already crushed his head!" I already have many news of victories. One is the success of OUR CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. We prepare it every year, not only to express our appreciation, but also for neighborhood evangelism (and our neighbor is a half million people of 'Kangsuh area'). Our place was full and the audience looked to me almost like shedding tears as they saw Mary and Joseph being chased away by the inn-keeper. And many people decided to go to Church to meet Jesus, the Immanuel!

Actually as our children were planning and practicing for this program, especially the part of playing the Birth of Jesus, we really had hard time deciding who will act Mary and Joseph. Everybody wanted to be Mary. But WE CAN NOT HAVE ROOM FULL OF MARYS, so we decided to have many shepherds and sheep... dogs and cats, rabbits, turtles and what not. It may look like a zoo, but Baby Jesus was in the Center and everybody were looking at Him, which was important, so that whole earth will look up to Him! They used a doll for baby Jesus. There was time when they used a little child for baby Jesus. But the baby Jesus got angry for some reason... he got up and walked out of stage. So, now they have been using a doll instead...

Talking about baby, my son has grown up and is about to take over my work. First, he needs to be married. So, we have decided April 27 for his WEDDING day. He will also be ordained to be a minister and missionary this year. I am so thankful to God that He gave me one son in my late age of 51. And he has been preparing to follow my steps. It has not been easy steps, and I confess that I fell down not a few times, but Jesus fell down with heavy Cross on his back, and then nailed on the Cross for us. A drop of blood from the Cross touched my life and kept me burning for sixty years, and now my son is beginning to burn....

Do you remember the 'problem of the parking lot' or 'our children's basket-ball court'? We lost our parking lot and cars had to park on the basket ball court. We tried to buy the land back, but Korean land is very expensive (as 12 million people live in Seoul city). We were desperate, we lost hope and 98% gave up. The last 2% was to pray and talk with many officials (of the government and beneficial organizations). I asked you to pray and you did pray for us. And praise the Lord, the 2% IS WINNING 98%. God promised to help through the officials and beneficial organizations by various ways that all we may have to raise is less than $10,000. Some friends are already helping, so, we will have the parking lot and basket-ball court back... it might take some years, but we will have it. Thank God our Lord is rich and mighty.

On Christmas eve., as I was talking to our children about many babies whom King Herod killed when Jesus was born, I thought of many children who were shot to death in American schools. I mentioned to our children and we all prayed for the grieving parents. It's true that Satan is still active no matter where in the world. But it's also a sign that Christ's Second Coming is near. He will Come, He will certainly come again soon and and all the griefs and sorrow will be swallowed up like GOD'S GIANT BLACK HOLE through Christ, our Lord.

In our New Year Sunday, I plan to talk about Joseph and His dreams! Have dreams in the Lord, and the dreams will come to the reality. There will be difficulties, Satan's disturbances, but every tunnel has an opening! My dreams, as I was studying, was to start a Bible College and an Orphanage, a publishing house, a radio program and Churches. And look what's happening. Now I am rather old and exhausted, but Christ's Work is spreading around Asia! God took the old Moses to the top of Mt. Nebo and showed him the future land where His people will live. Some old people see the past and regret, some old people see the present and feel desperate, but people like Moses SAW THE FUTURE BEFORE HE DIED. I am seeing the future of our Land in Christ, and that's all I wanted to see.

Yours because of Calvary,


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