January 2015

My dear American Friends:

Happy New Year! of the sheep. Sheep, they say, is the most helpless animal. It can't fly, it can't swim (I guess sheep trying to swim is more like trying to swim with overcoat). It has no major weapons like sharp tooth or claw or big horn. And I suppose that 's reason why they are loved by the people, most of all by Jesus Christ. Jesus loved them and they loved Him.

One living being more helpless than the Sheep kids may be human kids... babies that is. Even sheep kids open their eyes as soon as they were born and stand up soon after they are born, but human kids can't stand, can't see, can't even suck milk. And I guess that's why God loved them the most. God care for them and they grow fast. You just have to come to see our babies. They were born only last year, but they are growing quickly. The best time of my life these days, is when I go to their room. They sit up and smile...kind of smile which melt you... kind of angelic smile that lead you to Heaven.

And yet, how difficult it is to rear babies. Every minute is crisis. You can't take your eyes off them even one second. How thankful we are to the social workers (dorm mothers) who take care of them 24 hours everyday. And how thankful we are to our God Who takes care of all of us every second of everyday. Some of our babies were abandoned in Church baby-box. I was talking to some of our workers the other day that perhaps MARY MIGHT HAVE BEEN TEMPED TO USE THE BABY BOX, if she lived today. How grateful we are that she didn't -- and watched Jesus being nailed on the Cross.

One sermon that I preached many times during the Christmas season was about Anna, the prophetess who met Jesus in the temple, and her age was eight-four Gospel says. It interested me more, because so am I in Korean age. However, I am also looking forward to next year, because Joshua shouted "Give me this mountain (Joshua 14:10-12)" in his age of eighty five. It has always been my prayer "God, GIVE ME KOREA!"

It's winter vacation. Korea is so cold in winter that students need winter vacation. But it's also good to me for home Bible studies and prayer meetings. In fact, fasting prayer gardens' meetings are popular these days and I try to be there one day every week. For me, empty stomach makes my head empty to receive God's directions. Besides, it makes me lighter, as I walk on snow.

Our annual Christmas party for the homeless people (called "Neighbor Invitational party) was crowded. There were more than five hundred people and Jesus was among them (Remember Jesus said, one time, "Son of man has no place to lay his head"?) I preached a sermon entittled, "Unexpected Christmas." Mary's conception was unexpected, journey to Bethlehem was unexpected, no hotel room was unexpected and escape to Egypt was unexpected so on... and their homeless situation was unexpected!) But like God turned the unexpected to the Salvation of the world, I know that God will change the unexpected to the Victory of all!


Please pray for;

1, Our five babies who came last year. They are cute, but their health is less than fair and they need extra care. Please pray for their health.

2. They need sponsors.

3. We have a child, happy most of time, but mentally retarded and we may have to send him to a special school and special Children's Home. We are sad to see him leave us.

4. That this year's guests of the Homeless party will find the jobs and will not come back next year.

Yours because of Calvary,


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