January 2016

My dear American Friends:

Happy New Year! You probably never been in an congregation where everybody raised their hands responding to a preacher's question. I was talking to a group of young people; there were about 300 young people from several Children's Homes including ours. My scripture was from Luke 2:10 where the angel announced the ‘good news’ that Christ was born. And then I talked about the ‘good news.’ I started to talk with the second best news of my life. It was US, UN Army's Incheon landing. We were living under the dictatorial rule of the Communists, and the Landing of the US Army, although there were many sacrifices, gave us the hope of liberation again. And of course, the best news was to know Jesus Christ and the Eternal Life in Heaven. I asked the audience to raise their hands if they want to meet their deceased fathers and mothers in Heaven and practically EVERYBODY RAISED THEIR HANDS! There were tears on the children's eyes. It was kind of tear drops that I wished I could hang on the Christmas tree.

We held annual Christmas party for the homeless people also. As usual, we had more than 250 people from the streets and card board boxes where they spend the nights. Actually, we hope not to have them again every year, that is, we hope that the homeless people's population will be reduced every year, but there they were, as usual. We shared the cakes and warm coats and also the Christmas messages. Actually, JESUS HIMSELF WAS A HOMELESS man, wasn't He, as he said in, Mt. 8: 20 "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." And I believe that Jesus was there talking to the hearts of the homeless people.

Talking about God speaking to the heart, some of the hidden underground Churches in North Korea were started by the members who heard their Christian grand-parents or parents talking about Jesus and His Teachings. In fact, I read about a story of a female Communistic guerrilla leader who was caught in South. Her mother had already defected and was living in South and the mother tried everyway to convert the communist leader, but she kept refusing and even ignored her, until the mother started to sing Lullaby. Finally the Communist leader whispered "Mother" and was eventually converted. JOHN 3:16 IS GOD'S LULLABY TO EVERYONE. When we preach in the streets, we always start with John 3:16. hoping that it will remind someone of God's Love. So, we wish you a Happy New Year with John 3: 16.

In South Korea, just about everybody knows Jesus Christ. They know at least what Christmas is. But even in Asia, there are so many places where Jesus is not known and THAT'S OUR HOME WORK, spreading Jesus and His Love throughout Asia. There is a story about a Christian missionary who tried to reach an Airplane stewardess in China and asked "Do you know Jesus Christ?" She checked a list and answered, "He is not in the passanger list." We want and keep working so that everyone in Asia hears Jesus and knows Him personally. We helped a Church last month which had a big sign, but a strong wind brew the sign away. So, we helped to build up a sign again, this time, with a post box, so that those who are somewhat unfamiliar with Christ can exchange correspondences with Church people. I am enclosing a picture of the Church sign.

Please pray for;

1. Our babies are growing and exploring, so we are widening and repairing the baby's rooms.

2. My wife, Kook Ja.... taking care of 70 children plus one husband is like a war everyday.

3. Yoon Kwon Chae. I have come to the age where remembering is not the best thing. And I keep forgetting, which is fatal to a preacher... especially to me who still needs to preach 2-3 times (plus radio) every week.

Yours because of Calvary,


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