January 2017

My dear American Friends:

Our children decided "The WASH-RAG(cloth)" to be the hero of 2016. There were several candidates (except human beings)...such as the flower, automobile, note-book and what not. And they voted on the wash-rag and I agreed with them. Nobody praise the wash-rag, it always stays hidden in the corner, but whenever it was needed, it was there always. Usually it is forgotten or thrown away, never praised and never decorated. Certainly it's usually not beautiful. But after it was voted to be the hero, it was decorated on even our Christmas tree. Actually, I am supposed to preach on the wash-rag sometime during January. Actually, I have lots of things to talk about it and I am looking forward to it.

This year is actually the 51st year since we started the Orphanage. Actually, we didn't meant to start an orphanage, it just got started. I already started a publishing house and a Bible College. And I was terribly busy. As I wrote on my letters, I had to write most of my letters after midnight. But I was the minister of a Church whose members were mostly refugees from North Korea. Many Sunday School children came to Church without breakfast. Even after the worship service, many of them usually had no place to go home. My wife and I took them home when their father or mother was sick and took care of them. That's how our Orphanage started. They were sick, abandoned and had no home. (no wonder they chose "washrag" as their hero).

Even after we took them in our home, our Home was no heaven. They sometimes had to sleep without dinner and we often ran out money to buy briquets to heat the home. They were often cold and hungry. Besides, there was persecutions and bad rumor makers. I often shed tears with my children and cried to God. But God took care of these children and many of them grew up to be MINISTERS, missionaries, teachers, doctors, nurses, soldiers and what not. In other words, most of them grew up to be someone who helps others. And I am proud of every one of them. Now, I am old, and can hardly remember my own sermon outlines. But my children are preaching all over the world, even in the atheistic communistic countries risking their lives! And many girls are working as social workers and taking care of our babies all day and nights. It was a long long busy 50 years. but we raised more than a thousand children and we are still taking care of 70 children changing diapers of 17 babies! Praise the Lord!

Besides, we are helping and running a Bible College, broadcasting Gospel messages 5.10 AM, publishing Christian periodicals called "Dream of old preachers" and preaching at Churches almost everyday. Our God is alive and busy! If it is not His Power, this is not possible. So, we thank God and Praise His Name in this 50 years of Geon Christian Children's Home. And we thank God for the wash rags which served with us for last 50 years. After all, Ecc. 3: 1 says "He made everything beautiful in His time." For me, for Christians "even death is beautiful"'(Ph. 1: 21) Actually, there is no ending in Christians' lives! It is always beginning! It is always new! Dream coming true is only extra! Thank God for 2017! After all, everyday is the first day of the rest of our lives in Christ! We wish you a Happy New Year for every one of you.

Please pray for;
1. Our library repair which is almost finished, but the Director is sick in a hospital.
2. The safety of our missionaries in Communistic zone and of our mission trips.


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