January 2018

My dear American Friends:

You may be surprised to hear my New Year sermon title 2018. By translation, it can be "Get into the Ark before it's too late" I would say that it can be more like an Evangelistic sermon urging people to get into the Church before it's too late. The flood can be missles and fire this time, but the crucified Christ is still standing there inviting us. I feel that 2018 would be a year of evangelism either in Heaven or this world. Anyway, I can see that we shall be busy.

In fact, South Korea is hosting an WINTER OLYMPIC soon and we do not know how many countries will participate due to the safety of their athletes. We have a plan of evangelistic meetings of our own in our Church, and certainly it will be on schedule. Anyway, our athletes have been practising hard and I have been working on what I call sports-sermons.

Our Christmas activities proceeded as scheduled, we gave out winter coats and Christmas presents to the children as scheduled, thanks to all of you. And also Christmas programs for friends and neighbours was a big success. Our newly organized band banged on as loud as they could and the people were laughing, but they gave us big hands. And children's play of Jesus in a manger was a success. After all, like Jesus had no place to lay down but a manger, our babies (small children) had no place to lay down but cold boxes.(many of them came to us in baby boxes). And they are growing beautifully.

Talkig of babies, I HAVE A NEW GRANDSON, named Jonathan (a good friend and helper to King David! The world needs more good helpers than leaders! In fact, we have too many leaders!) That is, a baby boy was born to my son ten days before Christmas. And we are excited. We are not able to see him until April. But we are looking forward everyday to meet him and hug him and show him around. He may even show us around by then.

A minor work of ours which we have been continuing since forty years ago is the BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL. We have both regular and braille Bible School. There was time when we had more than 200 students, but now the number reduced, but they are precious students. In fact, about a third of them are in prisons. That is, they enrolled to our Correspondence School while they were in prisons. But they are good students and their answers to the Bible questions truly moved even us teachers. Some of them were sentenced to death for some reasons. But after studying the Bible with our correspondnece text books, they became good Christians. I had the privilege of baptizing not a few of them. I received not a few inspiring letters from them. And some left us to meet the Lord and I look forward to meet them again in Heaven! One of them sent me a letter which he wrote with black ink and brush, a few hours before he was executed and the last letter had a scripture. 2nd Corinthians 5: 17! "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new!"

I plan to go to America for the Board meeting next spring. I am hoping to meet my grand-son then and also hoping to be able to visit some Churches with my son. IF YOU WANT US TO VISIT YOUR CHURCH, please let me know or my son @ Phone (408)892-8482 E.Mail; kcgminfo@gmail.com.

Please pray for;
My wife, KOOK JA, She is sick, still working hard.

Yours because of Calvary,

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