JULY 2003

My dear American Friends:

I found that anything can be used as TOOLS OF EVANGELISM ... tears, for instance. Since I became sick of shingles, I began to have a tendency to shed tears whether I like it or not. Perhaps it was caused by pain unconsciously, or perhaps my soul became a little more moisty by age. But it seems that some of my children noticed it during one of my sermons (children don't miss anything like that), but they listened through the sermon, thanks to the tears, and came to me afterward to say, "Why did you cry?" or "Your tears touched my heart (or something like that)." I did not know exactly whether I should thank them or cry. Anyway, it is true that anything can be tools of evangelism.

Talking about tool of evangelism, I can think of a few others that helped me. As you probably know, I have not a few scars of surgery on my body ... a long scar of prostate cancer on my belly, and then the scar of neck disk surgery, cataract surgery doesn't show, but my last shingles still show scars over my face. On my usual life activities, people don't say much about it, but when I go to the public bath house, I can not hide anything from people, and sometimes people come to me asking about it ... especially the older people who might have similar symptoms, and then we start conversations which usually end up with religious talks. If I call the previous one "Tear-evangelism," I might call the latter "SCAR-EVANGELISM" or even "NAKED EVANGELISM."

Talking about the public bath house, I remember a few people in my orphanage experience who offered to take our 75 children to the bath house. And believe me, this is a big gift to our children. The master of the bath house always complained that they have to change the entire water after our children went through it, but our children have a whirl of a time there!

Actually, the public bath house is a good place, not only for evangelism, but even for baptism. Talking about STRANGE PLACE OF EVANGELISM, I remember during one of my trips to China talking to a person about the Church in a toilet of a train depot. If you ever traveled to Chinese countryside, especially a country train depot toilet, you might have noticed that there are no barriers. Actually, there is one long, long ditch, and people sit or squat facing the back of the front person doing whatever they came to do. That means there is no barrier of conversation either. And besides, even if they don't like the conversation, they cannot easily stand up and take off. I would say that is a good place for evangelism.

We planned a big prayer meeting, out in front of city hall, to pray for world peace... especially for peace in Korea. We had as many as one hundred thousand people and the radio station predicted a big storm on the way. Actually, it rained a little bit, and much rain on the day before and a day after. But storm or not, thousands of people came praying, kneeling on the wet ground. Actually July is the fiftieth year since the cease-fire in Korea, and yet the war has been going on continuously for the last fifty years. We found that prayers travel more strongly when said in unison and to get nations back on their feet, we MUST GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES FIRST. That's why we had this prayer meeting. And we will have this prayer meeting continuously until the real peace, the peace of God which will be realized in the world.

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae