JULY 2004

My dear American Friends: 

You shall never know how much a doll can talk. I am not talking about those modern mechanic dolls. I am talking about those traditional dolls with nothing but cotton inside and thread lips. We have some of those in our play-therapy room and when our children are sick and staying home, they play with those dolls. They talk to the dolls and say "Are you sick? You can't go to school? How sad!" etc., and they say that they feel much better. In fact, they talk with each other and comfort each other for long long time. Even our nurse talk to the children sometimes through the dolls. Sometimes when a child needs an injection and the child escape from it, she sticks to the doll first and say "See, doll says it doesn't hurt at all." I really do not know what kind of therapy it is, but it certainly helps and we are THANKFUL FOR OUR NEW FACILITIES...especially the play therapy room. I had so many injections right into my neck bones last year, I wish I had one of those talking dolls with me.

I need to do lot of talking in the month of July. I plan to attend North American Christian Convention and World Convention of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ as I am on the program and also WI-NE-MA Mission Camp and speaking at Churches in between, in addition to ordaining some Korean preachers. In fact, I cancelled a speaking trip to North Eastern China, but I am still planning to go to Russia sometime this year. Actually I have been SPEAKING IN FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES; Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English, and I almost feel like a parrot...an old parrot though as I keep forgetting vocabularies. I keep forgetting long difficult words, but do not forget simple basic words. Thank God that Gospel is simple and basic! My favorite scripture in Paul's letters is "I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2)!

The University is on vacation and our children will be on vacation soon. This summer looks like it's going to be another hot one...the temperature have been already up and above thirty Celsius. I do not know what we are going to do with 77 children at home all summer, so we are planning D.V.B.S., summer camps, tracking and swimming trips. It is fun for our children, but for their dorm mothers, IT'S MATHEMATICS AGAIN. They may have to count numbers all day long... counting their heads and bottoms, arms and legs and what not... whatever may rise above water. And then when they come back to change, they will have to count the swimming suits, pants, shirts and everything else including the left over soaps. One year, we came back home with more swimming suits than we took with us and we laughed. But there probably were some children who cried when they arrived their homes. I am glad that we don't have to take anything with us when we go to Heaven, except faith in our heart!

However, I hope to be able to take plenty of pleasant memories. One of the wisdom we gain as we get aged is that everything was beneficial to our lives, isn't it?...even the days we spent in tears, or the nights we couldn't sleep by the pain...all are added to beautify our lives! Last year, we had to tear down our small original house, to be permitted to build our Dining hall. The old house had many memories, in fact, my wife and I lived there for sometime. The children cried as the house was torn down. But now we built a big round bird cage on the spot. We bought a couple of pheasants, peacocks, doves and golden silver chickens and our children talk with them all day. OUR CHILDREN ARE CONVINCED THAT THE BIRDS TALK BACK. One time, a child brought a chicken to Church and the whole congregation had to blow the feathers away. He thought that chickens need to know Jesus too. The singing was never in harmony that day, but I must say that I enjoyed the service. You ought to come to see our Children's zoo someday ...bring your own pet. They probably will have the better fellowship than we, the mankind, do! 

Yours because of Calvary


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