JULY 2006

My dear American Friends:

This is my evangelistic uniform. It says "Believe Jesus Christ, and save your soul today." I wear it once a while, and walk the busy streets. I used to preach in the streets, but I can not do it any more. Instead, I just walk around... It's good for my health and good for the readers' souls.

It's more effective if there are more than a few walkers. Once a while, someone from the streets join me and sometimes even hold my hand as we walk along. The other day, we were doing the walking with some retired preachers, and one young man came, holding my hand, whispered to my ear "I am hungry, can you give me some money?" I knew that he was a con-man making money out of Christian sympathizers, so I suggested him to go to work, but then he went to work holding hands of several more retired preachers, and made quite a bit of money on that day.

In fact, we made the same silent march on June 25... the day when the Korean War started fifty-six years ago. We walked the same streets where, we supposed, that my father and many other preachers were captured by the occupying communist soldiers and forced to march to death fifty six years ago. Actually the communists held what they called "People's Court" and asked the crowd, many of whom were communist agents, "What shall we do with these betrayers" and the crowd shouted back "Death, to them." Some of the captured preachers were clubbed to death right there, in front of the people and some, like my father, were forced to march to death, even to the burning fire. I learned many things from that death-scene.... especially about the human nature...about the weak human nature...that they will shout "Death" anytime when their own lives were threatened. But one precious truth I learned through the martyrdom of my father was that "Faith is Victory, through Calvary!" And that's why I became a preacher. That's why I started a Bible College to raise victorious preachers and who are willing to march through Calvary.

We have a preacher whose nickname is "Crying preacher." He shed tears through most of his sermons. In fact, I did not hear him preaching without crying somewhere. I heard him preach in a wedding one time and he cried, which made the bride cry, and the groom and even some of the audience started to shed tears. Truly, it was a gloomy wedding, but an unforgettable wedding. I was talking with him the other day and I found something new.

He said, "I was in your class, thirty years ago, taking a test. You caught me cheating, and scolded me severely. You confiscated my test paper, took me to your office and prayed for me. And you cried for me while praying."

I don't remember the incident, (there were more than a few cheaters I am afraid), but obviously the tear worked. In fact, I feel that we should have more tears in our preaching. Jeremiah cried (Jeremiah 9:1), Paul cried (Philippians 3:18), Jesus cried, in fact, He wept bitterly for Jerusalem just before His triumphant entry. (Matthew 23: 37). We need a revival of "crying!"

I usually give a little money to our children on their birthdays. One of our children came to me the other day, and he wanted to give his birthday money to God. He said that God can use it now, and can give it back to him when he needed it the most. It was such a beautiful thought from such a beautiful soul that I wrote the following not-so-beautiful poem? thought? statements?

Give your money to God. And God will take care of it as His own.

He will use it where it's needed and multiply it, before He gives it back to you.

Give your body to God. And God will use it as His own.

He will protect it from all diseases, before He gives it back to you as an eternal life.

Give your soul to God. And God will sanctify it as His own.

He will cleanse it white as snow, before He gives it back to you to save the others.

Giving is to make them God's Own. Let God use freely.

There will be no difficulties that can not be overcome, no diseases that can not be healed

And no sin that can not be forgiven.

Give it to God, as dirty as it is, as sick as it is, as confused as it is.

Let God take it and use it, with His mighty power, to rearrange, reorganize and revitalize to save multiple souls of the world!

Yours because of Calvary,


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