JULY 2007

My dear American Friends:

"YOUNG MEN, BE ANXIOUS!" were famous words an American missionary left to Japanese young people, about one century ago. The words were inscribed in a rock at the playgound of a Jepanese High School which produced famous Christian leaders such as Uchimura. The other day, I preached to a group of Senior citizens on the title of "The Olds, be anxious!" because I really feel that the old people are the Hope of the world! Unless they speak out about the Truth of life, unless they teach the young people what they really learned about the Life and death and the Word of God, this world has no Hope! I have been speaking to many different group of people about what we call "JUNE 25 WAR" recently. It was the beginning of the Korean War. On Sunday June 25, 57 years ago, 2800 North Korean tanks broke the 38th parallel line and invaded South Korea. During the war, almost 10,000,000 people died. Many American and Australian young people died alongside of many Korean young people. But now, many Korean young people forgot about the bloody war and blood shed for the cease-fire. Our young people will not remember the price of the freedom, unless we older people tell them about it. That's why, I said "THE OLDS ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!"

Being older, there are some advantages. Many transportation are free to the senior citizens. We can ride the subway train all day, and we don't have to pay a penny. We can walk into national parks free of charge and talk to the neighbours many hours and they will listen. We can talk about the Gospel in a train, and they might think "it's just an old man," but they will listen. A fellow senior preacher of mine told me this story. He was on a Subway train. A younger drunken man came to sit by him. He was very drunken and said that he had to change many trains, because he was on the wrong train every time. The preacher tried to awake this drunken soul and said, "Don't you know that you are on the way to hell?" The young man suddenly awoke up, and said "I am on an WRONG TRAIN AGAIN!."

There is nothing like being prepared. We have been preparing for 75th Anniversary Convention of the Korean Christian Churches for several years and now it's only a few weeks away. Actually, we feel that we are never ready. So many unexpected things can happen. Actually we can never be prepared... like marriage, like death... no matter how well we feel that we are prepared, it can never be perfect. There are about three things that Korean Christians prepare before they go to Church,... BIBLE, HYMN BOOK and OFFERING ENVELOPE.(and perhaps a cushion to sit). Korean Christians usually prepare offering envelope beforehand... In fact, many prepare the night before. I know some old ladies who even press money with iron the night before. Many devout Christian men keep the offering in the breast pocket until the offering plate is passed. They would not even think of taking out bills from the back pockets.

I made an unexpected and unprepared trip to the U.S.A. Lincoln Christian Seminary where I finished my Master's degree 47 years ago decided to give me "RESTORATION AWARD". This is the first time that they gave it to a foreign person, they call "Global leader." I understand that at first, they were thinking of giving the award for the Orphanage work, but they decided later, to include the Christian College work, publishing work, radio work, Church work etc. I have been busy, because I had to save my country before it is too late. And if I accomplished anything, it was only because of the prayers of many supporters like you and I give the honor to God and to you. Without your prayers, I am only a corpse. I would appreciate your prayers.

I am sending you a photo of my favorite room. It's our baby's room. They are not really infants, but they are babies to me... the most beautiful, the smartest and the cutest babies! THEY ARE, NOW, GROWING HAPPY AND HEALTHY. But everyone of them have stories behind them. Little JINA is a North Korean defector's baby. She lost her mother while escaping from North Korea... (and she wants to eat everything...) HYUN BIN, his mother is serving life sentence in a prison. YOON JI's parents died in a car accident. KANG's mother is dying by cancer in a hospital etc. I named him KANG, meaning "river."... I want his life keep flowing like a river. I feel that God sent these little angels to me to help them keep flowing no matter what happens!

Yours because of Calvary,


P.S. As I mentioned in my last letter, our Forwarding Agent changed. LESTER AND DONNA LEMAY have been working with us for thirty years. He has been a minister, missioanry and social worker for state government and has done an excellent job as our treasurer sacrificially. We truly appreciate their services and pray that God will reward their services. MIKE AND MARY SCHMIDT, our new Forwarding Agent have been members of Christian Church for more than forty years and have been close friends of ours for all these years. They have sponsored our children for many years and visited our Geon Home a few times. We welcome them and are very happy to work with them for Christ's Work in Korea. Their address is; Mike and Mary Schmidt. P.O. Box 9384 Fresno, CA 93792-9384 Phone: (559) 275-2033 E-mail address: fams.kcgm@gmail.com.

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