JULY 2008

My dear American Friends:

SOMETIMES I FEEL SORRY as I teach the Gospel to the North Koreans who come over to China over the border of North Korea to learn about Jesus Christ. They came over risking their lives and are determined to go back with the Gospel. I feel sorry because I know what they may face. They will be persecuted, they will be arrested and perhaps be executed sooner or later. I know it, because I have seen the persecuted lives... I have heard of the executions. Most of the students whom we taught in China in past, we usually do not hear about them again and I know that they may be in prison or in some miserable concentration camp somewhere and executed already and that's why I feel sorry to them. And yet, I must preach to them through radio, through Gospel tracts on balloons etc. and personally at the border. It's Gospel message and yet it can be message of death. I guess that's kind of agony Paul experienced or early Christian leaders. for at least 300 years, before Christians finally won the freedom to worship. I really do not know how to express the feeling.... I guess, I am asking for your prayers.

Have you heard of AI? It's the bird's influenza which has been spreading around Asia recently, and it finally reached SEOUL city and even our Home. Literally thousands of birds had to be killed for the prevention, and the birds of our Home also had to be gotten rid of. Our chickens, ducks, peasants and even peacocks were all taken away and our children cried. OUR CHICKENS WERE REALLY GOOD WATCH-CHICKENS and we miss them. Our children are hoping to see them again in Heaven and I have been thinking of proper answers to their hopes. I must say that it's not easy to be watch-dogs or watch-chickens in our Home. Hundreds of children come and go all the time and how can you differentiate residents and visitors without going crazy. Actually, it seems that most of our dogs gave up and decided not to bark at anyone, but our chickens didn't. That's why we miss them.

The other day, some of our first graders found one hundred Won Korean coin in the streets. It's worth about ten cent and can not buy even a candy with it. They discussed what to do with it and finally agreed to take it to the police station. They said that they trembled going through the guarded gate of the police station. Actually the police didn't know what to do with it either. It's too small to report to the superiors, but the police wanted to reward the children someway, so they gathered some money and gave four children one thousand Won each, which is worth about one dollar. The children were excited! They did the right thing and REWARD CAME BACK TEN TIMES. I guess it's like giving offering. Like Jesus said, it will bear fruits 30 times, 60 times and 100 times!

Talking about offering, one Korean Christian wrote me "When I gave offering ‘painfully’, I understood the pain of God, and my spirit was filled with His Grace..." What he meant 'painfully' was giving what he needed for his next meal. We usually give what's left over. We usually carry a little calculator in our brain and calculate the amount that will NOT REALLY HURT. But Jesus did not give us His leftover life. The two mites the poor woman gave was not her left over. It really was PAINFUL OFFERING. And when we give "painful" offering, we really will come to know the Love of God for us!

Some of you may have heard that North Korea decided to give up some of their nuclear weapons. Literally it's SOME of their nuclear weapons, and far from "giving up." It's first step, and we hope that it will not be another 'false hope'. We were deceived many times in past. In fact, June 25 was the beginning of the Korean war 58 years ago. Just before North Korea's invasion, they said the same thing.... they said that they want peace, they want prisoners' exchange and so forth. And when we were disarmed mentally, they invaded with thousands of tanks. I was a High School boy then, but a third of my classmates died fighting, within three months of the war. Many American soldiers came to help us and gave their lives also. We know that it's because of their sacrifices, we now enjoy this freedom. I know that many Korean young men forgot about the sacrifices, but we never forget and all Korean Churches have special prayer meeting on that day. And even today, we are ready to die for our country and for our Lord. Anybody can count how many seeds there are in an apple, but NOBODY KNOWS HOW MANY APPLES THERE WILL BE when those seeds fall and die! May Korea, our country, be free always and may His Kingdom come soon!

Yours because of Calvary,


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