July 2009

My dear American Friends:

I like curves. LIFE IS FULL OF CURVES. Life itself, I think, is a curve. There may be some straight-to-succese lives, but most lives I know - especially the lives that I take care of -- have been curves. I hoped, I prayed, that they will go straight. But most of time, they west curves, and just about the time when I almost gave up, they came back flying in from the horizon. There was a boy whom I dreamed to be a good preacher. I poured my heart to him, I emptied my tear bag for him (Korean expression), but he flew away to the world! and the echoes from the world was not good for years and years. But only the other day, a news reached me that he already is a preacher and preaching in a village where his preaching is most needed. That's what I mean by "life is full of curves." Especially when you raise children, you have to look at the children as lines and not as dots. When you look at them as dots, there will be many disappointing dots and they will drive you crazy, But when you look at them as lines, the lines may bow, the lines may curve, the lines may even circle, but if you look at the horizon long enough, you will find them coming around the corner sooner or later. I guess that's the eyes of the parents, and that's the eye of God waiting for the prodigal son! And in my age of ??, I confess that I am beginning to be acquainted with that kind of eyes.

Actually, the rivers are never straight. They usually curve and touch many small villages. They may smash into little hills, but they eventually head for the sea moistening (is this English?) wide thirsty fields. If a river is straight, it may cause flood. That's why I like curves. There was another boy who tried to commit suicide seven times. I talked, talked, and talked out with him. He usually didn't say anything, and sometimes, said "yes" too easily. When he was out of sight for a whole day, we were horrified by the thought that he might have tried it once again. But now, after thirty years, wouldn't you know that he is a member of the National committee preventing the suicides! I just have to tell you about another girl who hated to take care of the babies, especially the toilet training part. After twenty-five years, she is working as a social worker at another orphanage and she is so good at the toilet training of the babies that the other workers call her DR. TOILET.

I must also mention a few exceptions who did not come back. The North Korean Christians whom we trained at the border of China and North Korea usually did not come back. And we did not see them again. We imagine that they were either arrested and imprisoned by the North Korean authorities or even tortured to death. I know of two for sure. I HAVE JUST COME BACK FROM THE BORDER AREA OF CHINA AND NORTH KOREA. It was a dangerous trip, because we were forbidden to teach Bible - remember China is also a communistic, socialistic country - and yet, that's exactly why we went there. We saw police cars everywhere, and we were busy trying to evade them. If we were caught, we could be jailed at least for 29 days and we will not be released until we pay fine of thousands of dollars. But the dangers we faced was nothing compared with the dangers that our Christian students had to face to attend our classes. In fact, they were arrested and tortured, but they still came to learn the Bible. And there were 12 students from North Korea and China!(actually we chose 12 out of 40 candidates, in order to avoid the police attention). I would like to show you their pictures, but we need to protect their remaining family in North Korea. In fact, I plan to tell you more about the trip in my next letter. Please pray for North Korea and the hidden Christian workers there.

Yours because of Calvary,


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