July 2010

My dear American Friends:               

My ABC of 'life after 70' is as follows.  A is APPRECIATION.  I am learning and trying to appreciate my world and try to say, to God and to everybody concerned. “Thank you very much."  B is BACKING UP (broken lives).  I can no longer be in front as a leader, so I am trying to back up someone who is leading, especially those broken lives as they try to lead.  C is COMMUNICATION.  I try to write and encourage as many people as possible.  I learned long time ago that the letters are the most effective means of communication.  For instance, when I go calling, in these days of busy lives, we often find the homes empty, but if I leave a message, the message will always wait for the host to return.  So I write many letters.  Especially I write regularly to friends and people who need friends.  To some friends, I have been writing every month regularly for more than 50 years.  So they, at least 200 people,  received at least 600 letters from me. 

Also publication is one of the most important part of our work. I write and publish at least one book every year. Some of them may be theological publications, Church History, some of them may be just collections of my newsletters.  But once a while, I write and publish a kind of book that you can carry in your pocket.  It's a kind of book that you might want to TAKE WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO TO THE RESTROOM. It's a kind of book that really doesn't have front nor back. You can read from anywhere and end anywhere...you won't miss much.... and yet it probably will stick with you long time...long after you close the door of the rest rooms.  I have just made one of those books in English and I am mailing to you.  If you need more, I can always send you more. I can send as many as there are restrooms in this world.

Talking about restrooms, as many children we take care of, you wouldn't think that our restrooms are too clean. Well, you are wrong. Our restrooms are always clean, it's because of a lady who think that this is the job that God has given to her. She keeps them so clean that even our little children don't dare to make them dirty. She decorates them with flowers and my books too. In fact, sometimes, I feel like taking a tour group to our restrooms. You probably NEVER HEARD OF A RESTROOM TOUR. And believe me, if you ever saw the original state of our restrooms, it's unbelievable.

June was rather difficult month for me. The University president's term is ending and the board elected the new president. My prayer and hope for the new president is that he serves as an honest leader and a man of strong faith, especially strong on the principles of the RESTORATION MOVEMENT, so that the University continues to be Bible based and independent, free of temptations from other organizations that may strive to establish Church power. In this last election, the university board really had to fight through all kinds of threats and plots and personal attacks.  We really had to experience a part of what it means to be 'faithful to death.'  But we feel that we have the right man and we ask for your prayer that the school will continue on the right track.  

I held an evangelistic meeting a few months ago, in a town where 99% of the population was Confucianists.  In fact, the town elders warned me that the evangelistic meeting will never work and that it will always be a confucianists' town.  I said that it will be a Christian town even if there are a few Christian converts, because none of the 99% may DIE FOR CONFUCIUS, WHILE EVERY CHRISTIAN IS PREPARED TO DIE FOR CHRIST, because that's what 'Christian' means.
Yours because of Calvary,

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