July 2011

My dear American Friends: July 2011

One of our Church members walked back Home from Church for five hours. (according to his testimony last Sunday evening). It was not that there were no public transportation. There were buses, subways and taxis. But he didn't have any money in his pocket He heard a very moving sermon at Church on ‘GIVING,' and at the offering time, he just emptied his pockets. He found out later that he didn't have even bus fare to go home. So he walked for five hours. But he said, he enjoyed every step of it. EVERY STEP WAS LIKE A STEP TO HEAVEN, he witnessed, and moved everyone there.

It is beginning to be rainy season here. It makes us just a little bit busier as we send our children off to schools, because we have to check if they all have either umbrellas or raincoats, in addition to their school bags with books, notebooks, pencils, erasers and what not, in addition to their lunch boxes, caps or hats, or rain-shoes or what not. Some of them even forget their shoes and a half of them forget their socks...sometimes I even wonder if they did not forget their eyes or brains.... Somehow THEY ALL COME BACK HOME IN ONE PIECE and we thank God for that miracle.

In between the rain, our children go out and play. Our Church had a sports' day and had all kinds of games after lunch....soccer, basket ball, kicking baseball(they kick soccer balls instead of throwing baseballs...this way, they break less windows) and what not. Also they played what you call 'tug of war.' and I joined them. It seems that every time when I join, we seem to win at first, but eventually, we are pulled the other way and we lose. Perhaps one reason that we lost was that I was thinking of something else other than winning. In fact, I thought about "prayer." It seems to me that every time when we have a 'TUG OF WAR PRAYER' against God, It seems that we seem to win at first, but eventually, God's Will Works at last! May God's Will always prevail in our lives and prayers. It's somewhat like Jesus' Prayer at Gethsemane. He prayed at first "If it is possible, let this cup pass from me" but eventually, his prayer ended with "Your Will be done!"

June 25 was the day that Korean War started 60 years ago. More than 500 senior preachers, many of whom fought in Korean War, got together and had all night prayer meeting for Peace. I prayed "If it is possible, Lord, let us see a peaceful unification of Korea, BEFORE WE DIE, but May Your Will be done" and I heard bursting AMEN! We are planning for a summer camp. This time, we are planning to take our children to an island by a ship. Our children wanted to see the sea, and to get there by a ship. So we are PLANNING A SEA VOYAGE. As usual, my job is to count...I count them on the buses and out of buses, in the ship and out of ship... counting so many children all day long, my eyes get tired and liable to count some other children too. It is not unusual that we bring home some extra children. I am praying to keep my eyes younger. I am afraid that both my wife and I have physical problems.

I know a young man who risked his job while praying. He prays all the time. Even at jobs, he prays continuously. He prays, sometimes, open eyed, but to his superiors, it seemed like he was snoozing, so he lost his job. But he doesn't care, he still prays continuously. Usually, it is Korean Christians' custom, to pray before meals, before tea, before work and ending work, not to speak of going into Chapel. or going into someone's house, we pray. We have a lady in our Church who always prays when she comes back from outside. I guess, sometimes we are too busy greeting family members that WE FORGET TO GREET GOD. Besides, in a world like this, we can't help but to thank God for arriving home safe and sound.

Actually, we often try to 'talk to the people' during prayers instead of talking to God. I know a preacher who preached almost a whole sermon during his prayer, because he thought that he was to be asked to preach for that meeting. I call it ' horizontal prayer.' Prayer should be 'vertical' from God to men and men to God. I guess, that's why Jesus taught to pray "in a closet" WHERE THERE ARE NO ONE ELSE BUT GOD AND YOU.

Yours because of Calvary,


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