July 2012

My dear American Friends:

To smaller preachers like me, most of pulpits are too high, not to speak of the tall foreign pulpits. Believe or not, in Korea, there are not a few smaller preachers and we need some sort of stands such as boxes, rocks or thick books. One of those small preachers applied for a pastorship of a country Church. Not being able to find a proper stand, he used a thick Bible on platform. Not many people expected him to pass, but a couple of elders strongly insisted that ‘HE WAS STANDING ON THE WORD OF GOD!' And now, everybody is happy.

Just like the rest of the world, Korean Churches are also slowly changing...from the Bible based, Bible centered, old time preaching to social, liberal, psychological preaching. And I am afraid that Korean Churches are not growing as fast as they used to. The blood is not there any more. The sweat is not there any more. So, some of our preachers, actually my former 'homiletic students' got together and organized 'THE BLOOD AND SWEAT PREACHERS' and they have been preaching everywhere. Most of them have their own Churches and a couple do not, but they are still preaching in the street corners and subways etc. Actually subway is the best place to preach, as you have captive crowds, but your voice needs to be flexible

Talking about the flexibility, worship services in China really need to be flexible. There are two kinds of Churches in China; one is licensed Churches usually called 'three-self Church.' But the preachers of the licensed Church need to be a communist and even preaching need to be adjusted to the party policy. The REAL CHURCHES ARE NON-LICENSED CHURCHES, but the way you call (address) preachers need to be flexible, from 'teacher' to 'baker' or 'librarian.' We are supporting missionaries who bake bread, with evangelistic messages on the bread cover and also a preacher who keeps a library. Also worship services need to be flexible and sometimes, when warned by the guards, need to become, in a couple of seconds, just a 'reading class' or 'singing class' or even a 'bread-eating party.' Still, if they are caught and found by the police having a Church service without permit, they will be imprisoned and fined severely.

In any case, I must say that our Bible Correspondence lessons are getting rather popular in China. It was popular in Korea in the 1970s and 80s, We had more than a thousand students, and then it dropped to tens and twenties. And then it's getting popular again in China. In Korea, presently, our correspondence students include soldiers and prisoners. A couple of our students were inmates who were sentenced to death and they are gone now, but I had the privilege of BAPTIZING them BEFORE THEIR EXECUTIONS. The military bath-tub which we used as the baptistry, was ice-cold, but I felt their faith burning in their heart.

The weather over here is very dry. We haven't had a drop of rain for many months, and the ground is cracking up. But our children are looking forward to the summer vacation and summer camps. We are thinking of taking them to the mountain this time for our children to enjoy the cool creation of God, besides, it's too difficult to keep them together in the sea. Actually, our children are invited to the World's Oceanic Exposition in autumn, so we are waiting. Keeping 80 children together in an World Exposition may be even more difficult.

I was informed, the other day, by the radio station, that I am the oldest radio preacher they have, and they asked me not to age any more. I told them that I will try. Actually, Korean expression, when asking a person's age, is to say 'HOW MANY AGES HAVE YOU EATEN?' I told them that I have been eating my ages, and I don't get older any more.

Please pray for;

1. unlicensed Churches in China that they will stand on the Word of God always.

2. Our Bible Correspondence students that their zeal will never be discouraged.

3. Our children's summer programs, but right now, may it rain.

Your because of Calvary,


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