July 2014

My dear American Friends:

When we share our joy with someone, it's not addition, but multiplication. It's not 3+3=6, it's 3x3=9. When we share someone's sorrow, it becomes not subtraction, but division. It's not 9-3=6, it's 9 divided by 3 that is, 9รท3=3.

I have a sorrow to share with you. I have a sister two years older than me. We survived through Japanese invasion during the Second World War and through North Korean invasion together. Actually, we lost our mother when I was ten and lost the father during the Korean War and we crossed over many hills together along with six other brothers and sisters because she was a good and strong sister to me. She has been more like a guardian angel to me all these years.

But now she has been critically ill and has lived by dialysis for over a year. And now, she decided that she would rather be with the Lord than continuing the dialysis. She even set the date to stop the dialysis. I went to see her two months ago and sent her a Victory card last week, but I confess that it has been painful for the family.

Talking about guardian angel, we have a child who, during house-play for instance, prepare a chair for a guardian angel, and I am not particularly trying to correct her. God sent angels many times in the Bible to serve and protect His people and we believe in the same God. Why not prepare a chair for the angel in the house. Besides, during my New Year sermon this year, I advised my chilldren to dream and act to realize the dreams. Also I advised to write out dreams and paste on the wall. I found out that our children have too many dreams and our new walls are full of pasted dream papers! We also have what I call 'dream tree' where our children can write out their dreams and hang. The tree is full always and it's more beautiful than any other trees we have.

I have been asked to speak for the general meeting of the Christian Leaders Association including all denominations in Korea, celebrating August 15, "Liberation day from Japanese rule.'" we call it "RETURN OF LIGHT DAY." and I am going to preach on Ten Commandments. There have been much discussions recently on 'why Japan was defeated.' I believe that the reason is simple...the violation of the first two commandments; "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." etc. Japan made their emperor their god. And any country that make human their god, like Hitler or Kims in North Korea, will perish likewise. It's like the tower of Babel or the stature of King Nebuchadnezzar. God will destroy them!

Anything that become too big will not survive. Why do you think that dinosaurs perished. I have been warning the Korean Churches that even when Churches become too big as organizations, it is the beginning of troubles. Some big Korean denominational Churches have been having some legal problems. "RETURN TO THE BIBLE" "Return to the Original Church" must be our eternal plea always.

That's one reason why I like Democracy, although our democracy also have lots of problems. I feel that the basic spirit of Democracy is Christ's teaching "Love your neighbor as yourself." so that the neighbors will survive as I survive also..

And I am looking forward to the day of liberation of ourselves from the pain and agony of this world, liberation when Jesus comes back again. But before that, I pray and hope for the liberation of North Korea. And for the liberation of North Korea, I am working for the spiritual liberation of Asia and this world! (Romans 8: 2)

Yours because of Calvary,


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