July 2015

My dear American Friends:

We are finally winning the MERS virus. The number of the patients are decreasing and so are the deads. Not a few of them (33) had to die alone in the quarantined hospital beds and had to dictate their Wills to the nurses, but they and the nurses fought good fights for the rest of the world! Our children have been washing their hands thoroughly, which was not easy, and they are saved! We realized once again how weak we humen beings are in this world! And how true is God's Words! The End of the world is not far and how prepared are we?

We need to spread this message quick and we have been doing our best.

In addition to the Childen's Home, Christian University and Broadcasting work, we are supporting Korean missionaries all over the world. However, our emphasis is toward the EVANGELIZATION OF CHINA AND NORTH KOREA. Our final goal is to reach 25 million people of North Korea with Gospel by radio and Gospel baloons and missionaries, we feel that we can also change China. Prophet Zechariah says, "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit." World can be saved, not by military might, nor by political power, but by the Spirit of the Power of our God. So we are doing all we can. Korea sent out, a Newspaper reports, almost 20,000 missionaries around the world, and our Mission is supporting 12 of them.

We are supporting 4 missionaries near to the border of North Korea and one of them is one of our children who grew up in our Children's Home. He always wanted to be a missionary from when he was a little child. I often found him gazing at the map of China and North Korea. He told me that the map of China looks like a rooster and reminds him of the rooster's crow which made Peter to break down and weep. He came Home, our Children's Home, from the field last winter and his two children were shiverring by cold. I gave them some coats which some American friends sent to me. They said, they need Bibles more than coats and they are still WORKING AND SHIVERRING.

I broadcast my radio messages to North Korea 5:10 AM. You might think 'who would listen to radio at 5:10 in the morning?" But I found out that lots of people do...especially in North Korea. All North Korean people have to go to work, ‘forced labor,’ for the Communistic government 6 in the morning and they do not come back until about 10PM, labor and indoctrination. So they say that 5:10 is the best time to listen to us. Of course, they have to risk their lives in order to listen to us, because if they are caught listening to us, they will be arrested and sent to the world's worst concention camp. But they are still LISTENING AND RISKING and risking their lives!

So, we are doing all we can, to reach China and North Korea, with the Gospel. And we know that we are not alone.... and our methods may not be the best, but we are doing all we can, in the way that we think it's the best. I love the story of Jesus when a sinful woman broke an alabaster jar and poured on Jesus. And when the pharisees criticized it, Jesus said "Leave her alone....she did what she could...." Our way may not be the best way, but I believe that Jesus will say, "THEY DID THEIR BEST....leave them alone...."

Recently, I presided a funeral of my former student who served as a missionary to Russia for 20 years. Actually, for last two years, he was sick of cancer and died in a hospital. But as far as I know, he was not dying. He was calling someone from his hospital bed and was talking about the Love of Jesus Christ. He was not dying. He was LIVING THE DEATH. And I prayed that I would die like him...living my death, because there is no end in a Christian's life!

PLEASE PRAY FOR; Our babies' health. Believe or not, we have 11 of them and they are not healthy. Also, they need sponsors!

Yours because of Calvary,


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