July 2016

My dear American Friends:

Our babies (one year and up) started to use spoons and even chop-sticks to eat. Of course, they use it mostly for sticking rather than picking. And, of course, we are being very careful that they do not stick something else, or even someone else. But chopsticks are somewhat like fingers. They are convenient once you get used to it. They can pick, stick, stir and even measure and of course, carry.

One of our preachers wrote a paper entitled "CHOPSTICK EVANGELISM." It's a way to introduce Christian faith to the non-believers like using chop-sticks. You pick a non-believer and concentrate on him or her. You can stick a few scriptures and see how ready they are. And then stir their soul with heavy scriptures... invite them to the evangelistic meetings, but be careful that you do not force them... but rather carry them or invite them to dinner with chotstick etc. for spiritual conversations and then of course, carry them, that is, accompany them to Church.

Our older children are learning to pray. Wednesday evening services which is usually Bible Study led by myself and our children take turns in prayers. One evening a child started to pray well, in front of the other children and Audience, "Our Father in Heaven“, but he couldn't continue, and ended after a while with "I am so glad to meet you." And the girls started to giggle, but I shouted "Amen" and everybody shouted "Amen." Someone said, when you pray, pray like a baby in Mother's arms. You really do not have to say anything. If you have to mumble, just mumble. Our God understands Korean as well as English and baby talk as much as adult speech...

Still some older children are graduating. This year, 8 children graduated and went out to the world and I bless them, (before we hug) that their future may not be as hard as mine was (I went to the War). Perhaps the first few years will be the most difficult, although we try to help as much as we can, such as helping to rent a room, or paying the first tuition of the College etc. Still, as orphans, I know that it will be difficult. One of them sent me this poem-like writing... "I may have nothing, but I have 'Thank you. I may not have anything to give, but I have 'smile.' I may not be able to do anything, but I can pray, Even if I lost everything, but I have 'hope.' no matter how difficult life is!“ I sent him Psalm 2: 7... and encouraging words such as "No matter how much misfortune we may inhale, May we exhale 'Thanks' Because EVERYTHING IS BREATH OF GRACE."

I have two old Bibles which were torn apart. One was torn apart during the Korean War. Another was torn apart by the mob while I was preaching. Not only was my Bible torn, my jacket was torn also. I can't use it any more, but I decided to keep it.... as a symbol that Christ's enemies are busy and so must we be. On June 25th, which was the day that Korean War started, I preached on the title "KEEP PEACE AND PURSUE AFTER IT!" which is the Korean translation of 1 Pet 4: 11. Christian Peace is not something that just comes to you. Christian Peace is something you have to go after... you have to fight for it. How grateful we are, to American soldiers who came all the way over the Pacific and fought for us, with us, with Christ. Christian Peace is active peace!

And we thank God that we have chances to take care of these abandoned babies. Some people criticize the work; saying that it might encourage the future abandonment etc. In fact, the harder I work, it seems that I am criticized more, but what do you do... these are abandoned babies... THEY WILL DIE, if I don't take them. So, I take them in and they are growing beautifully. So I thank God that He gave me additional work! And I thank you for helping us out. Please pray for these babies and workers who need to change diapers almost 24 hours.

Yours because of Calvary,


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