July 2017

My dear American Friends:

You probably heard about the hot bath houses that Asian people enjoy. We usually have several of them in the big cities and not a few people enjoy them for the cleaning purpose as well as (naked) fellowship. I have a friend who says that his best places of evangelism is the large bath house as well as subways. Both places are places where the listeners can not get away easily.

We take our children to the bathe house once a while too and they have a great time, and we clean them easily. Although the bath house owner complains that he has to change the water often after our children visit them but our children have great time bathing and even swimming. (One time, we had a prayer meeting too, when it was raining outside). I felt that God liked it too.

Speaking of having a great time, we also took our children to the zoo the other day. And they were as joyful as the baby monkeys. They jumped, shouted and laughed. Of course, we had a hard time keeping them in line and counting. We told them to hold on to the next child like their lives depend on it. And one child repeated, "like we pray?" because I usually say "Pray, like your lives depend on it."

These days, we are praying for our Christian University because we are under the threat to close by various reasons. You probably know that we are always under the threat of the North Korean nuclear weapons. But our children and students are studying hard and spreading the Lord's peace and happiness all over the place.

I was visiting a Church member in a hospital and he gave me a piece of paper with the following words, translated, it goes something like this....
Even if we do not have anything, We have "Thank you"
Even if we cannot give anything, We can give smile
Even if we cannot do anything, We can pray
Even if we lost everything, We have mountain of Hope.
No matter how pained we may be.

I am jumping around the world for speaking appointments. I am traveling to Japan, USA and of course, our country. I am comfortable in Korea, Japan and China, but American pulpits are usually too high for my height. Sometimes, I look almost like a chopped head on the pulpit.(which I really do not mind, because dying for Christ is one of my prayers anyway). So, I usually try to step out in front of the pulpit, but then my notes can't follow me. At least the audience can see me better. And, in Korea, my children are ready to play with me, because we usually take off our shoes on the platform.

I love to play with my babies. That's the best time of my life. Every minute I spend with my babies, I feel like giving a little piece of my life to them, so I feel that I am living eternity through their lives. Theologically, it may not make any sense, but I confess that the lives of these babies are a part of my life. I live through them and I see God's Love through them! May these babies live forever!

Yours because of Calvary,


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