JUNE 2003

My dear American Friends:

I have decided to live with it. This headache as the result of my recent illness will not go away. I tried just about everything: European medicine and Chinese medicine, injection to the neck and acupuncture and even burning of grass--all with prayers, but the headache won't leave me, so I decided to live with it. God will heal me in His time. I have been trying to get back on my schedule. If you see me now, you probably will laugh. Since I can not wear glasses, I took off a log of my glasses and I am typing sitting slanted since the glasses keep slipping off my one ear. I hope that you wouldn't have to sit sideways to read it. I certainly could understand Paul's feeling as he said "see how big letters I am writing..."

You know that most of Asian countries are ailing from this strange disease called SARS. Everybody is going around with big masks on. EVEN NEWLYWEDS KISS THROUGH MASKS EVEN ON WEDDING DAY. Why don't they know that the most deadly germ is a germ called SIN, and the masks won't stop the germ called SIN. One thing about this work SIN as well as the word CRIME, the letter "I" is always in the middle of it, because the problem is always "I" centered thinking. One time I was counseling with a young lady who became pregnant out of marriage. She was thinking of aborting and I was trying to stop it. We talked about many things, and finally I asked her "What name will you give him (or her) if he is born?" That made her think for awhile and she said, "I will give  him a birth." When she was thinking of embryo as a group of cells, it didn't mean anything, but when she was thinking of a name, the baby was a human being and SHE COULD NOT KILL IT. I hope you understand what I mean.

I tell you another deadly germ that is destroying the world. It is HATRED. The cause of Sept. 11th was hatred and so were all the following incidents. It seems that the same thing is growing in the heart of some of our young people. Usually people hate each other without reason. So in last May, we decided to organize Korean-American Protestant Pastors Association. Hundreds of leading Korean preachers were there and a number of American Chaplains and we prayed, prayed and prayed. We decided to have regular meetings not only to pray, but also to show the people that we love each other. I believe that this will help to melt the hatred in the hearts of some of the young people.

I tell you another wonderful thing happened in the last part of May. Korean Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, instrumental and non-instrumental, met together for seminars and athletic events as a step of merger. I have been working for this for many years. In fact, we had one merger twenty years ago, but I am afraid that it did not include all the Churches of Christ. Besides there was a division because of two Bible colleges, so we are taking another step now. They asked me to give a two hour seminar on the Restoration Movement, so in spite of my aching head, I shouted to the height of my voice! And I hope that my heart-ache by the division of the churches will CAUSE THEM HEART-ACHE and keep causing them to solve the head-ache of division!

The month of June, they say, is the month of wedding. To us, May is more like it as JUNE BRINGS US MANY SAD MEMORIES. One is the beginning of Korean war. North Korean Army suddenly invaded South Korea on June 25 fifty-three years ago, which killed my father and millions of Korean people as well as Americans. But also, because of it, I decided to become a preacher. For this, I am grateful! But I am afraid that the present situation is no better than fifty years ago! Please pray for us ,,, pray for our country, that there will be no more bloodshed in this land. (My furlough will be from August to November 2003)

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae