JUNE 2004

My dear American Friends:

Because what little English I know have been a great help to me in my life, I try to teach English to my children every chance I get. However, it turned out that I am learning much from my children instead. For instance, I tried to teach the word "FORGIVE" one time and one of our children said, "I know what 'give' is, so 'forgive' must be something to 'GIVE FOR' somebody." What not? You will never be able to forgive unless you are willing to give something to somebody. Another time, I tried to teach "UNDERSTAND" and a child said, "It must be something to 'STAND UNDER' somebody." Why not? You will never understand anybody unless you are willing to humble yourself and "stand under" him. Actually, all these troubles we have in this world, started when we tried to stand above somebody. If you dismantle every English words this way, pretty soon, you will be a broken English expert.

I feel that in trying to understand people, first thing that we must understand is that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Actually, all our 77 children are different, for instance, and I am not trying to make them the same. Some children can help the cooks and never touch the food, for instance, but some can never wait and when the table is ready, it is already empty. Some children hate people and always hide when the guests come, but some love people too much that they can hug the guests to death. And I try to understand their differences. I never force our children to wear the same clothes. If we have only the same clothes, I try to put different patches here and there trying to make some differences. I try not to send them all to the same schools and I try not to teach them the same musical instruments. In fact, I try to teach them different musical instruments as much as possible, so that someday, we will have an orchestra (just a thought.) It does cost more, but it makes our home, A LIVING HOME! One thing, I can not avoid though, when disease attack, it affects all. When the flue attacks, for instance, everybody coughs. When eye-disease goes around, just about everybody has one eye patched. This is one of those seasons, and you will meet lot of one-eye jacks in our Home now.

Actually, I believe that God made us different. He made some men and some women. He made some blood A type and some B, AB, O etc. He made all different characters and personalities. I think that it makes life more interesting. It gives new inspiration to find the differences in people, or in partners. In fact, something exciting happens when two different beings get together...like a baby born between two different genders...like life-giving water made by two different elements H2O.... So, I believe that when we try to understand the differences of the people, WE WILL HAVE THE TRUE PEACE ON EARTH! At least that's what I am trying to do in our Home. There were a couple of children who were very different and very difficult. They were rather older children and came to our Home with lip stick and manicures and they wouldn't do any chores. The original children and teachers didn't like them and stayed away. I didn't force them to join either, but one time I suggested, "Why don't you join the dish-washing, it will be interesting." They did, with manicures on, and did like it. Now their fingers are on everything; cooking, baking and what not (and their manicure is gone.)

Talking about the socialistic world which try to make everybody the same, I must report that I have been to the North Korea for three days. As you know, North Korea is the most closed, communistic country and it is very difficult place to go. I planned to go for sometime, but I hesitated to make it known, for a reason. I was on a tourist-VISA, and they made sure that I was. THERE WERE WATCHERS EVERYWHERE and they listened to our conversation very closely. I must say that I was sight-seeed out. And the sight I saw was not very exciting. There were people, but THEY WERE NOT! The ideology was there, the slogans were there and the people repeated nothing but slogans. They were not talking anything else and wouldn't even listen to anything else. I tried to talk about Christian faith, but immediately I was checked. I was permitted to take pictures of the mountains and nothing else. But they could not stop me to pray. I guess that's the privilege of Christians, to be able to pray no matter where! But believe me, I could almost hear the mourning of the people. It sounded like "We want to be free!" I know some people who are hiding somewhere in the caves or basements who are listening to our radio Gospel messages! So we will keep on broadcasting and shouting our Messages of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Yours because of Calvary,


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