JUNE 2005

My dear American Friends: 

MAY WAS A FLOWERY MONTH. Not only we had all kinds of flowers around our Home; azaleas, forsythia, cherry, acacia and what not., but also we had Children's day, Parents' day, Teachers' day and our children pinned flowers over the jackets of my wife and me on every one of those days. Truly we were pinned up... once in awhile, we were even pinned in... (you have to watch out when a three years old, for instance, approach you with a flower and a big pin.) One boy even pinned a flower over me even on Buddha's birthday... his comment was that he is thankful that I am not a Buddha. I am also thankful that I am not a Buddha (Remember? all Buddhists' goal is to find Buddha within them). I am grateful that I found God in Christ's Words and found myself in God.

Even the playground of Geon Home is flowery also. I probably wrote you that we were trying to pave our playground. We begged our local government to give us some used cement road blocks and okayed (English?) Actually, the local government changed their mind and decided to give us brand new cement blocks. So it looks real nice with flowery design over the playground. When our children came to our Home, there were no flowers in their heart, only tears and darkness. I felt that our task was to plant flowers in their heart and I am glad that there are flowers all over the place now, including our children's heart. Even the title of our Korean news letter is The Lily of the Valley. Now, our task is to keep the flowers blooming! I had a child who, when he gets frustrated, tears off every flower petal. It used to make me frustrated, but I had no flower petals left to tear... I used to tear some letter papers while I write and pray.

Talking about writing, one of my recent friends is in prison. In fact, I am acquainted with him there. He was sentenced to death by murdering someone and has been in death-row for two years. It is another story how I was able to approach him with the Gospel, but he believed, repented, confessed and was baptized about a year ago. Ever since, he has been very active even in prison. Not only he talked to the others about Christ every chance he got, but also he has been reaching even outside people with Gospel by letters. Every time when I went to see him, he asked for postage cards and stamps, and I wondered why. About three weeks ago, he approached me and told me that he had been writing to the outside people in distress (he found this information through newspapers) and one of them is READY TO BE BAPTIZED. He asked me if I can go find the people and baptize if the people are ready! It is so inspiring to know that he was able to reach  people outside from inside of the prison!

I know some former communists who were converted in the prison. They came to our Bible College when they were released, studied and became preachers. (We have special scholarship for that purpose). And believe me, they are good preachers. They preach Christ with the same zeal that they used to preach communism. They preach in the parks, in the theaters and even in the public bath houses. He may not be wearing anything, but so are the audiences and  HUMILITY IS A SHORT CUT TO SALVATION... someday  everybody will stand naked before God. Besides, if any of the audiences want to be baptized, they are ready and there is a pool-full of water there. One of the preachers came to me the other day and with almost tear in his voice, sighed "I don't know why more people do not come to Christ. When I used to preach Communism, I had many followers, but now only few people follow me." I said, "Christ didn't have any followers on the Cross."

New Testament was written with the blood of Jesus Christ. A Korean preacher wrote this entire Bible with one of those brush and black ink, and sent it to me. It took him seven years he said and seven shirts and trousers, smeared with the black ink. Faith, I guess, is not nice clean thing, it is smeared and stained with the blood of Jesus Christ! It takes pain and blood, and no one knows it better than those hidden Christians in North Korea.

Yours because of Calvary,


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