JUNE 2007

My dear American Friends:

Sometimes, I feel like running away. Sometimes, there are too many problems; problems of every one of our children, with my own problems, problems of the College and students, problems of Churches and Church members... and what not.... they come like waves. The other day, one of our children had a fight with another boy at school... he hit him with a pencil and injured the other boy. This boy of ours came to our Home only two months ago, he is not well adjusted, in fact, he was isolated and ridiculed at school and was angry. So he fought, but now the parents of the injured boy are angry. They are trying to expel our child from school, but this boy was already expelled from another school and I am standing up with him. They say, the parents are marching to our Home to protest, and I feel like running away. BUT OUR GOD ALWAYS INTERVENED IN TIME LIKE THIS. He even parted a sea for the people of Israel and I believe that He will open a window for us this time also. That's why I am sending you a photo of a Korean sea parting last month.

Actually, this phenomenon happens every year for a couple of days in the southern corner of Korea, and people call it "MOSES' MIRACLE." Actually, our home is full of miracles. In fact, the fact that I am living up to this age is miracle. I was imprisoned by the communists during the war and when I escaped, I survived through a barrage of the communists bullets and it was a miracle. The fact that I was able to raise almost 1000 homeless children through storms of difficulties was a miracle also... The College I started with 17 students became a university with almost 1000 students and it was a miracle... the mission starting with only a dream grew up to become God's organization with Orphanage, Children's Welfare Center, Bible College, Radio Work, Bible Correspondence School and Braille Bible School. It is a miracle! And we see numerous miracles, big or small, happening in our Home everyday! That's why I have not run away and probably will not, until the last breath of my life!

The other day, I was preaching on the death of Elisha... the fact that his dead body kept working. A funeral procession, whey they faced the enemy's attack, threw the corpse in Elisha's tomb and when the corpse touched the dead Elisha, it survived! (II Kings 13:20-21). God's men and women still work even after their deaths. I hope that my dead body will still keep on working, so that whosoever has touched me through my sermons and my writings will be able to meet God. But I found that, through my fifty years' ministerial experience, GOD WORKS BEST WHEN HIS SERVANTS DIE IN THE GOSPEL! Like Paul who declared "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me."

Talking about death, through my fifty years of orphanage ministry, I was able to rear about 1000 homeless children. We have had many difficult years, particularly in the beginning, but I thank God that we have had only one death in our Home. In the other orphanages, there were times when two thirds of the children died. The one death we had was a boy who came to our Home almost dying. He was six years old and I asked him what he knows about death. He answered "Death is when God calls from Heaven and we answer 'Here I am.'" He died two weeks after that day. And in his last breath of his life, I am sure that I saw his lips moving, saying "HERE I AM!"

I am busy these days preparing and speaking for our 75th ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION OF THE KOREAN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES AND CHURCHES OF CHRIST. I am travelling most of time through rain or snow. The other day, I had to speak three times in a day. The Korean Christians like singing so much that they stand through the singing. And when they finally sit down, I have to stand up again to preach. And I stood up through three services. And if you saw me when I preach, I run and jump even on the platform. You might not believe me, but I do that, even when I preach through radio. The producers warn me beforehand, they say "when you preach through microphone, please preach like you whisper love to a sweetheart." But I have hard time whispering Gospel to the sweet hearts. So I preach like "exercising alone in the moon-light." (Korean expression) It might sound stupid, but that's what they call my preaching. Whether it's exercising or whispering, I would say "Go right ahead!"

 Yours because of Calvary,


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