JUNE 2008

My dear American Friends:

It's completed! I wrote you previously that we are building some additional rooms for after school Christian education and toy library. Well, it's completed and I am sending you a photograph of it. Actually it's a third story of our Children's Center, library building. As I mentioned before, these class rooms will be used to teach groups of children from various parts of our country to teach about Christ and His Gospel. Most of the Korean schools do not teach about Jesus Christ. They may teach teachings of Confucius, they may teach about Buddha, but perhaps not Christ and we feel that Christ and His Teachings must be the center of education. The other education may make wise, political or economical men, but they can not make MEN BEFORE GOD! And unless we teach them about God and their relationship to God, we are making either orphans or monsters.

Now we have five babies under one year old, and our Home is never short of music made by the cry of the babies. We are so short of hands that sometimes I help the dorm mothers to feed and change the babies. And I am learning many things about the babies. Some babies are surprised to find 'their hands'. When they find their five sticked hand, they think first that it's five horned monster and they are scared, until they find the relationship between their body and two hands. And gradually they learn their relationship to the other children and parents, us, for instance. Education should be something that they teach the children their relationship to their Creator, God. Unless it goes that far, it's not the education. Oh, I am learning so many things from these babies. In fact, if you want to know what LOVE can do, come and see our babies. The baby we picked up at the railroad station only when he was four days' old looked like twisted rag when he reached us, but now he is so beautiful that I see stars in their eyes. That's WHAT LOVE CAN DO!

Another project we are planning to do through this new facility is a TOY LIBRARY. Our area, which is western quarter of SEOUL City has at least a half million people and many children who do not have toys. They might play with pebbles, ropes, sticks and broken tiles, like we used to do, but no toys. So we plan to build a library with toys and rent to them free of charge. We realize that we many have to reserve loads of supplies as they may not last long, but we stand ready. But one kind of toys that we shall never have would be war toys such as tanks and guns. I forbid our children to play with them. I don't want any of our children to get used to playing with them.

One unusual thing that you will find in this toy library would be the fire-escape. It is tube-slide like you see in the toy-land. We don't want our children to be in panic in case of emergency, and OUR CHILDREN ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE EMERGENCY. Talking about the emergency, there are so many tragedies in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, and many thousands of people are killed by flood and earth-quakes. I am convinced everyday that we are living in the last days. Korean Churches sent some medical doctors and rescue squads with some Christian ministers and they said, ministers are even busier than the doctors, because there are more deads, or close-to-deads, than patients. You may have heard about the man who lived under rock-like cement debris for three days, but died when he was finally rescued. He spoke to his family on TV and he said, "I want to live. I will be a good husband." I guess we all want to be a good husband, good wife, good parents and good children, but we keep losing the chances while we live. Anyway, his short TV speech made billions of audience cry.

For us, Christian workers, who try to communicate the Christians in North Korea, either through radio or literatures, there are some secret-codes. One of them is "SPEAK WITH YOUR KNEES," which means "pray for me." I want you to know, because I know, that there are thousands of them who want you to "speak with your knees!"

Yours because of Calvary,

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