June 2009

My dear American Friends:

You can play basket ball with many things...if you don't have a ball. you can throw your hat, a book, or even a jacket. Perhaps the best thing to take place of a ball is a shoe. It can even bounce if you throw in certain angle. I found this boy playing basket ball with his shoes. It's not that we don't have a ball... it's just that the ball was with the older boys, and he wanted to play basket ball anyway. It's just like, I think, our children playing with an earthly temporary father, me, while their real Father is the Heavenly Father. On Parents' day, while I was speaking in the evening service, I said "Confucius taught about Father's love and Buddha taught about Mother's love, but OUR GOD BECAME FATHER HIMSELF!" And I saw our children's eyes' brighten up like Christmas stars!

This boy is not really an orphan. We don't know his father, but his mother is in prison. Actually only a half of our children are real orphans now. Their father or mother may be alive somewhere, but missing.... some are in prison and some are critically sick etc., so our children are homeless anyway. And we try to make them happy, especially on Parents' day. The other day, I was listening to a Children's Choir on TV and I cried. It happened to be a Choir of an orphans' Home like ours, and after singing, the announcer gave them a microphone to say whatever they want to say to the world. They all said many different things, but one girl suddenly shouted "Mom! DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME, I AM DOING ALL RIGHT." Her mother may be alive, or may be dead. Mother may have abandoned her or may have lost her somehow. But the little girl's loud message made me cry. I guess that's why I started this Children's Home.

I used to spend lot of time trying to figure out what to preach to our children on Parents' day. What can I say about Parents' love to the children who don't know parents. How can I explain Mother's love to the children who never had mothers. Of course, we try to be their father and mother (and some of them actually believe that I am their real father), but I know that my love is no match to their real father. But now I do not hesitate to preach about the parents' love on Parents' day. First, I tell them that their parents' love was real no matter how they came to our Home. Secondly, I tell them that they should try to become good fathers and mothers in future and then lastly, I try to explain to them about Heavenly Father's Love. So I say, again, Confucius taught about Love to each other, Buddha taught about Love for everything including the nature, but JESUS DIED FOR US TO LOVE US!

You probably know that we have a Braille Bible School and we support a Braille library. In fact, many books of mine are translated into Braille. Actually, the library is in the basement and rather small space. There are a few blind volunteers and they often run into each other but we have not a few open-eyed volunteers who are running around all day delivering the braille books to the homes of the blind readers. You might say that we are a moving library. I remember a Gospel singer when I was studying in the US, who always sang "Have Gospel must travel!" (came from TV program called "Have gun will travel") Truly, our BRAILLE BIBLE LIBRARY WORKERS ARE TRAVELLING ALL DAY!

June is the month the Korean War started some sixty years ago. I was only a kid then, but still forced to fight in the Army. Actually two armies. I was caught to fight for the North Koreans and when I refused, I was imprisoned. When I escaped, I joined the South Korean Army. I was in the Army only five years and one of the things I learned in the Army was to clean the rifle always and be ready. I think that it's the same thing in Christ's Army...always clean our spiritual weapons such as soul, conscience, righteousness etc. and most of all, the knowledge of the Word of God. I am afraid that I am in the age that my brain is not always bright and I can not remember all the scriptures that I used to memorize. But I always remember one thing that the SCRIPTURES ARE ALWAYS BETTER FOR YOUR SOUL AND BODY THAN ANY OTHER THINGS IN THIS WORLD!

Yours because of Calvary,


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