June 2010

My dear American Friends:

In our expression, the war seem to be right in front of our nose. I actually heard some one comment on TV "We didn't know when a North Korean submarine shot a torpedo and sank one of our Navy ships right in front of our nose."  These days, everyday seems to be an extra gift from God.  

But the work must go on. I am connected with many kinds of schools. They are mostly different PECULIER TYPES OF SCHOOLS.  First of all, I am the Chancellor of Seoul Christian University, which has about 1000 students.  We also have the Bible Correspondence School.  We had, one time, more than 500 students, but now our students body is considerably less, And our students don't get to see each other, mainly because the students, even though they are mostly Korean, are widely spread around Asia, such as China, Russia, North Korea, and among soldiers and among prisoners. In fact, we have some students in prison. We even had a student who was in death-row.  When he graduated our three-year Correspondence courses, he wrote me "This (studying the course) was the only good and best thing that I did in my life."

And then we have BRAILLE BIBLE SCHOOL. The students of this course never see each other either, mainly because they are blind. Once a while, we hold events where some of them can get together. Still they don't get to see each other. In fact, we even hold sports games such as soccer, baseball etc. (believe me, they have their own way of playing these games. Their balls usually have sounds also and it's quite noisy games). Still they don't get to see each other. But they look forward to the time when they finally get to see each other in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Also, once a while, we hold seminars to the defectors or the North Korean people who cross over the border of China and North Korea, risking their lives. Sometimes, they listen to us overnight without sleeping. They usually do not take notes, because they can not take it across the border anyway. With their reddened eyes, they try to absorb as much as possible. And once they go back over the border, we usually do not see them again. We know that either they are already in the prison or even persecuted to death. So our schools are usually "NO-SEE" GROUPS, but like the Bible says "Faith is the assurance of things hope for, the conviction of things not seen..."

Actually, many of our graduates are already in Heaven, even if they are more like in the ages of my sons and daughters. In the enclosed picture, I was visiting the tomb of one of our missionary graduates who were buried in Africa. I hugged the tombstone and talked to her for a while. And I came back with refreshed conviction that "LOVE NEVER FAILS." One of the reasons why "love never fails," I feel, is the fact that love is international language. Whether you understand their language or not, you smile to someone and they will smile back. You love someone and they will love you back.  You probably heard about a Japanese pilot who bombed Pearl Harbor. He later became a Christian preacher when he read about an American pilot who spent years in Japanese prison as a POW, and who, after the War, became a missionary to Japan.  By the way, did you know that the Chinese word for 'love' is 'I(ai),' and Korean word for 'child' or 'children' is also 'I(ai),'  So if you want to say "I love children," in English, Chinese and Korean, all you have to say is 3 'I(ai)s,' that is, "I(ai)I(ai)I(ai)."

Did you know that when Jesus asked to Peter "Do you love me" three times before his ascension, He actually used two kinds of Greek words "love".  He started with 'Agape' and ended with 'Phileo,?" while Peter answered straight with 'Phileo."  Christian Love always start with God's Godly Love and this fact is the strong point I use in preaching to the non-Christian Asians.  Like a helicopter rescue, "GOD LOVED US FIRST."  "God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son." There are no records that "Buddha so loved the world that" nor "Confucius so loved the world."  There is nothing like the Power of 'Love!" and Love never fails!
Yours because of Calvary,      

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