June 2012

My dear American Friends:                              

Never underestimate the power of the preaching. Some people think and say that the age of preaching is passed. And that it can not change the world in the age of computers any more. But I can not agree with them. The Word of God is just as powerful as it was two thousand years ago. And His Love is as real today as it was 20 decades ago. Do you remember the preaching of Martin Luther King? Didn't His preaching change the USA? There was a preacher called Choonsun Choi in Korea. Two things were peculiar about him. First of all, he never wore a shoes, even in the coldest days. Secondly, he never missed a day preaching in the streets. I often saw him in the streets preaching, even if there were no audience. A few times, I saw him shouting to the passing cars and to the trees in the streets, and I stopped and listened, to attract the other listeners. He passed away preaching in the streets in the coldest day a few years ago. And I felt like the world was empty....But a few weeks later, I saw a new preacher in that corner and now there are hundreds of street preachers in Korea! They still do not have many audience, but they don't care. They keep on preaching to the hills, trees and what not. And I believe that THEY ARE CHANGING KOREA RIGHT NOW.

And yet, preaching has never been easy for me. There are just too much pain in this world and I am too weak and too ignorant to help them. Every year, Our Christian University sends out hundreds of preachers to the world, and yet, sometime I feel sorry for them. WHAT CAN WE DO TO THIS SIN-SICK WORLD! The other day, I met a lady with beautiful hair. Everybody complimented her hair, and she didn't know whether she should thank or cry, because it was a wig. Under the wig, she had no hair, because she was sick by cancer. On our parents' day, our children were happy and they thanked my wife and me for taking care of them and I know that not a few of them were crying inside asking, 'Where is my real father and mother?' I just hope that my Gospel message was able to touch some of their deeply hidden pain.

So, I confess that every time when I prepare my sermon, I suffer by the seriousness of the pain of this world and my own weakness. I hope that God (and you) will forgive me if I dare to call it 'small Gesthemane pain' when Jesus prayed "take this cup from me." Yes, THERE IS A CROSS IN EVERY SERMON and also there is a resurrection in every sermon. And that's why preaching can change the world! I believe! In our Home, for instance, dreams of seven boys out of ten used to become soccer prayers. Last year, I preached missionary sermons every Wednesday, and eight boys out of ten want to be missionaries. Last Children's day, a dance team of a Christian college came to entertain our children and I lost a few missionary candidates to a christian dancers, but I keep on preaching missionary sermons... and I believe, someday, these children will change the world!

June, I call, is baptismal month. The weather is just right to baptize people in the river. In fact, Korean Churches are planning to baptize about 2000 soldiers at the Boot camp. We believe that good soldiers are young men with healthy body and soul. So, we have been planning and working on this project for months now and it will be reality soon. I hope that it will not rain.  But really, weather isn't any problem, as long as there is a soul to baptize. I baptized people in a frozen river breaking ice with hammers, and I baptized in almost boiling water in a hot-tub. When I was younger, I baptized 12 people in a swifty flowing river and almost lost one, but he now is a very active elder in our Church. One time, I baptized 125 young strong men in a prison and I had BAPTISMAL-BACK ACHE for a few days. I don't know where they are now, but I know that that they are somewhere baptizing some other souls into Christ.

Please pray for;
1. Korean street preachers.
2. Our 7 children who were baptized last month.
3. Millions of unbelievers in this world who need to be baptized.
Yours because of Calvary,

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