June 2013

My dear American Friends:

A friend of mine told me that he 'never had such a hearty talk with the Lord' as he did while he was captured by the North Korean police. Actually he visited North Korea. He wanted to go for many years, as he is originally from North Korea and hearing about his fellow men starving for spiritual food as well as physical food, he couldn't sit still. We advised him not to go, but he did, after cutting many almost-impossible red tapes. But North Korea is preparing for war beside the starving people, they couldn't let him see the country. They arrested him and kept him in a dark basement for 2 weeks before they released him. So, in that dark basement, all he could do was to pray. He kept talking with the Lord for 2 weeks and that's why he said that 'he had a HEARTY TALK WITH THE LORD."

Talking about a hearty, as much traveling as I do on air as well as on buses, my best time to talk with the Lord is when I travel. Reading books on moving vehicles cause me headache, so all I can do is to pray. And I do pray much. When I pray and look out the plane windows, I see endless soft beds of clouds and beautiful sunshine... It's almost what I dream of Heaven. What a heavenly place to talk with God! Once a while, while I dream of Heaven looking out the white soft clouds, I hear announcements saying "We are expecting turbulence" and passengers' faces turn pale! In fact, one lady by my side asked me, "Do you think that it's all right?" I answered, "It's perfectly all right." and she went back to sleep. But she did not know that what I really meant was "It's perfectly all right WHETHER WE ARE ALIVE OR DEAD."

As I came back to Korea after 2 months of meetings and a wedding in USA, I find that Korea is still struggling under the war-threat of North Korea. In fact, they recently captured nine defector children in Laos and forced them back to North Korea where unimaginable punishment will be waiting. But our children of Geon Children's Home are still running around happily and studying hard. Not a few of them caught cold and coughing everywhere, but they know God loves them. And those who know God's Love is always happy like babies in mothers' bosom. Actually some of our children are from North Korea and THEY DO NOT GET SCARED EASILY.

And our children keep growing, which is good. But as they keep growing, our Home is getting so crowded. Especially since we built new beds for every child, it's getting so crowded that our children almost have to wrestle to pass. So we decided to repair our original building and add the second floor. And our children have been helping us raising the fund holding a bazaar. At the Bazaar, some children, with us, cooked noodle, rice-cake soup to sell. Also we bought some clothings, salted shrimps, anchovies, acorn jelly, garlic pickles etc. at the whole sale and spread a market. Some American friends came and cooked real genuine giant American hamburgers. They did pretty good and the bazaar was a success. We also have a program called ' BUY A BRICK' for Geon Home children, (50 Cent for a brick) and our children are looking forward to live higher (second story) next year. Thanks to them and to all of you.

Someone asked me "How can you keep working and running in your age." My secret is just to keep running. I am not a man of decision, that is, my decision making take long time and many people know that. But I am good in following somebody and Jesus tells me 'to follow Him' and I run after Him. You have lots of problems and I have lots of problems, but Jesus still says "Run after me" and problems gradually fade away like morning fog as I run. (and 75 children are following.)

Please pray for;

1. Our Geon Home's repair project (especially for 'buy a brick' project.')

2. Nine North Korean defector children captured in Laos and forced back to North Korea

3. SUN HEE, who broke her leg during P.T., but wants to be a missionary to Nepal, in future.

Yours because of Calvary,


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