June 2014

My dear American Friends:

I think that there are two important missions in His Church. One is to SPEAK and spread God's Love to the world. and another is to ACT God's Love in the World. I thank God everyday that God gave me these two missions, and particularly and emphatically the second mission. When I see these children, I can not help but to love them. THE TWO TWINS STARTED THE SCHOOL (kindergarten or Pre-school as you may call it) this year, and I hug them when they go to school and hug them when they come back. I have to give them candies too when they come back from school, but I got lots of them, thanks to you.

Babies have what I call 'BABY POWER'....kind of Power that attract you...kind of power that make you want to do something for them...kind of power that glue a family together. I know a couple who were about to divorce. They had a baby, but unfortunately, the baby died by an illness, which made the situation worse. They started to divide their belongings, until they came to a baby's clothe....and they couldn't divide it anymore. Tear started to drop on the baby's cloth...and eventually, the tear welded the couple together again. Baby may not have strength, but they have power that can glue people together...even after death.

Come to think of it, we, older people, have power too....power to give advises...power to pray for. To me, my age give me power to preach. Sometimes I preach as if I have dementia...sometimes I shout Gospel among the crowd as if I am crazy....and often they forgive me because of my age. But really, that's my power...that's, in a way, old age's power. If you have nothing, you have NOTHING-POWER. You can do just about anything if you have nothing. I wrote you about Christmas party we hold every year for the homeless people. You will be surprised to hear how many homeless people stood up from the dark pit and became preachers themselves.

But there is nothing like the Power of Love. The Power of God's Love! Sometimes I ask my children "Do you love me?" and they come hugging. And that MAKES ME A DAY. That's all we need, isn't it! and nothing else matters. Just like when Jesus asked Peter, after His resurrection "DO YOU LOVE ME?" personally. Jesus always asks personally and He doesn't ask everything else...He doesn't ask desk full of orders...He didn't even scold Peter and that is all needed. As long as He loves me and as long as I love Him, everything else will be OK and that's how I begin my days. There were times when I felt like being in a hell, but He still asked me one question "Do you love me?" and that was all needed to lift me out of the hell.

Talking about hell, June is the month when the Korean War started, JUNE 25 to be exact was the day when North Korean Army suddenly invaded South Korea, back in 1950. And within a few days, occupied our city, SEOUL, KOREA, and everything changed. First thing that I learned was the differences between the Countries which believe in God and the countries which don't. The country which doesn't believe in God also do not believe in the dignity of human being. They can kill people without any thought of guilt. You shall never know how many people, I saw, killed right in front of my eyes. Thank God that we believe in God. We believe in God Who loves His people. We believe in God Who loves these children. And that was the reason why we started this Children's Home.

Frankly, I deliberately talk about War to my children when this season comes. I feel that young people of today need to be reminded of the terror of and the tear of war. And have them try harder for the peace and pursuance of peace. Like Peter said, "SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT!" 1Peter 3:11(N.A.S. translation). Try harder for peace before the world goes to pieces! Peace comes not by changing the maps, but by changing men and that's what you and I are trying to do in this part of the world. One of our motto which I printed on my recent CD is "Our Lives for Asia, Asia for the World and the World for Christ." If you want to see that CD, just let me know.

Yours because of Calvary,


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