June 2015

My dear American Friends:

Let me introduce some of our children's writings, on Mothers' day, concerning their mothers who passed away....

"I shall never forget the love of my mother, who slept ouside of the mosquito net,

while I slept inside, because the net was too small...

I shall never forget the love of my mother, who kept saying "I am not hungry",'

while we were eating, because there were not enough food...

I shall never forget the love of my mother, who kept saying "I am not cold",

while we slept under the blanket, because the blanket was not big enough...

One hymn that we usually sing in Korean on Mother's day (I do not know if you have it) is "My mother's Bible" or "There's a dear and precious Book." I often see tears in our children's eyes when we sing this hymn. For Christians, Prayer and Hymn are TWO IMPORTANT PILLARS. These 2 are the spiritual breath. Prayers may be inhaling breath and hymn singing is exhaling breath.

I like to sing hymns alone... not that I do not like the group singing... but the group singing can often become 'showing' and I like to sing alone in closed rooms. There is one hymn that I often sing by myself. It's 'AMAZING GRACE." I especially like the 3rd verse "Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me Home." But the 4th verse shines even more "When we've been there ten thousand years, Bright shinning as the Sun, We've no less days to sing God's praise... than we first begun....

There is one day in Korean May Calendar, that you may not have. I am afraid that it's Buddha's birthday and the Buddhists carry lanterns all around the country. Buddhism and all religions talk about Heaven as if it is something completely different from this world. But I feel that, the Heaven may be, in a way, partly more like the continuation of this world. It's true that this world is more like a hell at times, but still THERE IS LIGHT, the Light of Christ, and in Heaven, the light will shine even brighter and forever and I look forward to being there!

On Father's day, some of our children gave me their handmade paper MEDAL OF HONOR. I am enclosing a picture of mine with that big paper medal beside a small medal which our President gave me. Some of my former students bought me, on Teachers' day, a new Bible and I appreciated that. My old Bible may have been looked too old to them. Actually, I have many Bibles and they are torn Bibles. They are so old and torn; besides, I have written all kinds of things in my Bibles... not only sermon outlines, but also some proverbs and illustrations, even a part of comic strips like ol' Charlie Brown.

In fact, I never had brand new Bibles (and dictionaries)... the moment I buy them, I start to bend them to make easier to read, write things on them and so on... BIBLES ARE TO BE READ and used and I shall be ashamed to carry them brand-new always.


1. Our children who felt that they were abandoned by their parents and the world and who even feel that they are old.

2. Our older and retired preachers. I happened to be the President of a group of this kind this year, even if I am neither old nor retired, but we are planning prayer-marathon rally.

3. Our babies, mouth disease is spreading around...

Yours because of Calvary,


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