June 2016

My dear American Friends:

Our children usually do not ask me how they came to our Home. Most of
them do not know and many of them think that they were born at Geon
Home. (They just can not figure out why there are so many brothers and
sisters). Actually, they may not want to know. But there was one boy
who, as he grew up, bluntly asked me why he is living with us. "Was I
abandoned?" he asked (which was true by the way). I answered, "You
were not abandoned. YOU WERE SELECTED! That is, 'you are a survivor!'"
And he was happy. And then I gave him a scriptures such as Isa. 43: 4
"Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love
you, I will give men in exchange for you."

I guess, we all feel like 'there is a hole' in our lives sometimes. I
felt like it sometimes, even if I am a preacher. In fact, we feel it
more often as I get aged, empty in a way, We get used to it in. BUT I
some writing of Frankle (I am not sure of the spelling, but I am
talking about the author of "Night and Fog" who spent years of
miserable life in the German Nazis' Auschwitz prison. He said, "In
those miserable lives where people were treated like animals, still
there were love stories" He found "the beauty of Sun-rise and smile of
his wife in his imagination."etc). I also found something nice in our
lives' holes... like Life! Orchestra! Vision and Expectation etc.
etc.(which spell the word 'Love.'"And that's what I am trying to fill
in the holes of our children.)

Actually, now a days, I am doing more preaching either to the children
or to the elderly people. One time, I was even the President of the
Senior(Retired) Preachers' Association (although I am not really
retired) of Korea and we had as many as one thousand members. We had
general worship meetings almost every other months and had several
hundred attendances. And they came earlier. When the meeting was 3PM,
they usually came 2PM, (whether it was because they were hungry or
whether they were eager to come, I don"t know.) I am not President
anymore, but I am a member of the Board and we held "PRAYER AND
survived)" last month. And believe me, there were thousands. In fact,
I will enclose a picture when it' ready. We didn't play difficult
games such as soccer or basket-ball, but we prayed much and exercised
eough and prayed mostly! That is, we enjoyed what we found in the
holes of our lives!

One thing that I never forget to do in the month of June, one thing
that I never forget is to remind the young people "REMEMBER THE KOREAN
WAR" which stared on June 25, 1950. Not only, we should never forget
the price of freedom, so many people who had to die defending the
freedom, including my family. So I try to remind everyone I get in
touch, including our children, not only the terror of the war, but
also the terror of the communism whose goal is war and not peace, but
most of all, the the terror of the faithless world. We feel that this
may be the last war, as it is a war of Christians against Athiesm, in
other words, God's War against Satan. And like Lk 21:33 says, "Heaven
and earth will pass away; but my Words will never pass away!"

I fell twice in last 2 years. once I fell from the second story and
had to go to a hospital for CT Scan. But before I went to the
hospital, I preached twice. A few days ago, I fell in the streets
after preaching, skinned my forhead and had to go to a hospital for CT
Scan. It proved to be "not critical" and I am continuing preaching.
But I decided not to preach so hard. After all, in order to keep

Please pray for;

1. One of our babies, Hanul Chae, who needs to go to
hospital every week.

2. Our Christian University which is going through difficult time.

3. For my son, John, that he can be ready to help us and lead the work
as soon as possible.

Yours because of Calvary,


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