June 2017

My dear American Friends:

I love babies and at the same time, I respect our babies. They have power to live. Some of them were abandoned, they may have almost died by the circumstances, but they lived through and that's how they came to our Home. And they have power to trust. That's why I respect them and love them. Of couse it takes time. They will look at you, at first, like you are a spy. They may even cry. But once you pass, you are life-time friends.

We have a couple of babies who always have bandages on most of their little bodies 365 days, hot or cold. One has bleeding sickness and he may have to live with it. . But they trust us. They do not worry about the future. They just keep on growing. Playing with them is the best time of my life. They all laughed aloud when I slipped and fell on my back the other day. And that made me laugh even louder. Eversince I tried to fall many more times.

However, I must confess that there have been moments when my wife and I cried. Raising more than 500 children, we had a few children with growing problems that we felt desperate... so powerless. We felt that we tried everything... of course, there were no better tool than warm loving Words of God....still problems continued and our heart was hurt and bleeding...I know that the only answer left is to carry my own cross... According to the Bible, Jesus said "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest(Mt. 11-28)" but immediately, He continued "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart;" In order to rest, His answer is to "Take His yoke upon us." By working harder for the Lord, we will find the true rest. When the workers come to me crying with problems, I usually say, "Of course it is not easy. We are dealing with lives. Their whole lives depend on you." But inside, I am crying with them.

In the month of May, we also had "day of teachers." But the best teacher of our lives may be the "experience". The pain of being a parents to the problem children, whether it was success or not, is good experience, and was good teacher to me. On Mother's day, Our children who have no other parents than the Chaes, besides the Heavenly Father, sought out and visited lonely grandmas in the neighbourhood and presented flowers and music. They were so happy and the lonely grandmas were happier. We wish we could have gone over the Pacific and pin carnations on you.

Actually, June is a month that Korean War started more than 60 years ago and we never forget.... never forget the Lord is our Saviour! and the fact that He helped us to overcome the problem by sending us the UN, US Army. By their participation, not only we defended our country and freedom, but also the Korean Churches grew and experianced the Spiritual victory! We are facing many problems now, but I believe that when we stand up firm for and on the Word of God, we will win victory!

I receive many letters from the listeners of our radio messages...especially many who are ailing. Some of them ask why. Many ask for prayers for their healing. But I received one the other day which said, "You do not need to pray for me." He explained that he found a secret of victory over sickness and it is to talk about Jesus to someone else. He said that as soon as he started to talk about Jesus to a fellow patiant, joy started to fill his body and he didn't even feel the pain!

I must confess that I keep forgetting names and for a father who has almost 60 children, this is serious. Sometimes I forget my wife's name, or even my own. But I found out something strange. When I preach, I do not forget names!(even difficult name such as Nebuchadnezzar.) I believe that God is working in the pulpit. And I believe that I shall remember all the names when I meet again in His Kingdom whether it is Korean or English!

Yours because of Calvary,


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