June 2018

My dear American Friends:

One of the customs that most Korean Churches don't change through the ages may be that they take off shoes when they enter the Church building. The Church buildings may change and the automobiles may change, but they always take off their shoes or least put on indoor slippers, and I rather like this custom. It reminds me of Moses being ordered to take off shoes in the presence of God (Exodus 3), no matter how cold and how dirty our feet may be. I appreciate it especially since I got sick. I almost feel like my energy is refilled through the bare feet (You should try that sometime. You might even try praying kneeling on frozen floor like we do during winter time).

My son and his family joined us here which is great help to us, especially since both my wife and I had automobile accidents recently, and our baby grandson is having hard time adjusting to the different climate and long lines, but they seem to be doing all right. Anyway, we appreciate them.

For the summer this year, we are planning many things! For the children, we are planning mountain and river camping! Our children always enjoy the water so much, especially during our hot summers, so we take them out to the beach or to rivers. The thing about water is even though our country may be divided between north and south, there is no such thing as North Korean water or South Korean water. It is all the same water!

I thought of this because there has been much talk about peace in Korea and I am glad to hear it. Peace talk is like firewood, the more there are the better, but the talk between men really doesn't bring the real peace, only God can give us the real peace. But there is no doubt that potential peace talks will give my whole family so much more work to do. We may not be able to drive too much anymore but we will keep running for Jesus, like our children run when they play in the park.

I tell you what will bring real unification. Have them come to our Home and hold our babies for awhile. Our babies will not let them go, and they will bring real unity and real peace, because they are gifts from God.

You see, PEACE IS ALWAYS IN GOD. GOD IS PEACE. Only men who bow their heads before God are capable of giving the world a true, just and lasting Peace! How we long for real true Peace.


Yours because of Calvary,


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