MARCH 2003

My dear American Friends:

I may be only person who is called "father" by all children all the time. My fifty years old children call me "father" and my five years old children call me "father." My married children call me "father" and their children call me "father" to, because everybody call me "father." I appreciate that, but I must admit that there are moments when I can not act like "father" anymore. I cannot coach their athletic games any more and I cannot lead their morning jogging. I am having a hard time catching their balls. But one thing I am trying to do is to LIVE FULL LIFE EVERYDAY. "Today" is so much more precious when you are aging, isn't it? "Today is mine and tomorrow may not come." May you and I live today and every day full for Jesus Christ, as He said ", tomorrow and day after tomorrow, I must go my way, for a prophet will not die outside of Jerusalem....(Luke 13:33)"

I truly had a full day the other day. I was awakened by a call from a police station. One of our older children was held there as a suspect in a thievery. They asked me to come down quick as they have to make decision whether to prosecute him or not. Well, I can not let them do that, so I drove two hours fighting the worst traffic in the world. And then I had to argue and actually fight the police for three hours. I brought him back home and then I had to argue with our workers for a few hours more. Because this was not the first time! Actually there's practically nobody whose money or property was not stolen by him sometime and even our workers say that he has an instinct to steal. In fact, our workers think that he needs professional treatment and they were in favor of sending him to a hospital. But I DON'T BELIEVE THAT HE IS SICK. Everybody has temptations and most people have faith enough to resist the temptations. So, I am holding him and praying with him. At least, things are not stolen during the prayers (I don't think) so I keep praying and God is Working.

Also we are praying hard that this North Korean nuclear crisis will be solved somehow. But we know that it will not pass soon. (It's the North Korean leader who needs hospital care!) In fact, we have been living with the crises for more than fifty years. Some of my friends wrote "How can you live in that crisis? Are you not scared?" Yes, we are scared, but we have been having the crisis for so many years, we became sort of numb, like in dumb, or like in bum even in the midst of bomb. Actually what scares me more are the mental bombs today's people have in their hearts. The world is changing too fast-- with all these computers and flood of information-- that the minds of people are having a hard time catching up...leaving everyone like orphans. Which, again, is creating psychological bombs in the hearts of the people. You may call it melancholy or hypochondria! (actually I sound like such a one, don't I) In fact, recently, a man with this kind of bomb set a fire in a subway train and killed more than 133 people. Asked why he did it, he answered, "I cannot cope with this world. I wanted to die, but not alone...." What I have been trying to say all these years is that WE NEED THE GOSPEL MORE THAN ANY TIME BEFORE!

Talking about sickness, I talked with a man with insomnia some time ago. One of the suggestions I made to him was to listen to my sermons. I said, "lot of people go to sleep while listening to my preaching." You may not believe me, but he did come to listen to me during one of our services. I do not know whether he was cured of insomnia, but his soul was cured he was baptized. In fact, he has been going around talking to people about "how to be cured of insomnia."

Our Dining Hall is going up and I am enclosing a photo of our construction. As you see, due to our strict building code, the Dining Hall itself had to go underground, which, I think, is a good idea in this time of crisis. Actually this project has been so difficult to us that my wife and I feel that we need a furlough when the construction is finished. If you want me to come to speak at your church, please let me know. I am looking forward to meet you again.

Yours because of Calvary,

Yoon Kwon Chae

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