March 2004

My dear American Friends:

SHE INSISTS THAT SHE HEARD JESUS CRYING! She recently lost her son by a car accident and she has been crying. One night, she was crying and praying while she was waiting for her husband and she thought that she heard someone crying. She thought that her husband might be back and checked, but he wasn't. She said, "Surely, it must have been Jesus crying, because I distinctly heard someone crying." She insists, and I am not trying to change her mind. I believe that Jesus cries for us, whether we hear it or not. Jesus cried for Lazarus and for the city of Jerusalem. Paul said, "weep with those who weep (Romans 12: 15)."

In fact, some of the great men I know, I heard that they shed tears often. I remember my father praying for me with tears streaming down his cheeks. On Valentine's day, I heard one of our children's testimony. He was talking about his dead mother. He said that he did something bad - stole his classmate's magnet. He didn't mean to steal, he wanted to borrow, but was denied. So he just took. Soon, it was discovered and his mother was called to school. She heard the scolding for hours. But she didn't say anything. On the way back home, mother was walking ahead, and he approached her to tell his side of story, but he saw her shoulder trembling and heard her sobbing. That was when he determined never to do anything bad. Going back to my own experience, the day when I saw my father crying was the DAY THAT I WAS BAPTIZED!

I believe that Jesus is crying for us now. Seeing the way this world is going, Jesus must be crying. It seems that everyone is accusing everyone else and everybody is fighting. Actually ugly political campaign is going on right now and I almost hesitate to turn on the news. Someone said that the POLITICS BY ITS NATURE, IS BAD. When Adam ate the forbidden fruit and when men started to try to rule himself and the others, instead of obeying God's Rule, that's when the politics started. I am writing a little column in a Christian weekly paper called "PRESCRIPTION OF LIFE," and I wrote one day, "Three useless things; Not noisy alarm clock, friends who do not advise, and parents who do not scold when it is needed." Perhaps I should have added "Politics."

But we have been busy or busier like all Februaries are. It started with the Opening of our new Library and Therapy rooms. We called it all together "KANGSUH CHILDREN'S SOCIAL WELFARE CENTER." And then I had to preach for Preachers Seminars, Commencement and evangelistic meetings. I was so busy that I almost forgot my own birthday, until our children started to give me chocolates. My birthday is one day before Valentine day and our children have plenty of chocolates. My wife do not like me eating any chocolates, but well, it's Valentine day.

March starts with spring, new semester and Lent season and I shall be busier than ever. And I have preaching and teaching schedule lined up everyday. Preaching was never easy for me. Sometimes I suffer for weeks before I make a sermon outline. Sometimes I read a scripture, and roam around all day thinking about it (and they think that I am goofing off). Sometimes it's dying experience like a bee which die after stinging. I used to teach my homiletic class that "sermon is a MESSAGE TO THE DYING WORLD FROM A DYING MAN." Why not? We are all dying and this world is dying. How can anyone preach in a world like this without tears!

One of our children's favorite story is "the ugly duckling." The other day, I used it in one of my sermons and our children liked it. This ugly little duckling was different...with big dark and ugly feathers and nobody played with him. He was sad, desperate and grew up lonely...until, one day, he looked at himself in a mirror-like-pond where beautiful white swans swam around. He was a swan! Our children liked it because they were often mistreated and persecuted! But inside, they were God's children! THEY ARE SWANS inside! beautiful swans!

Yours because of Calvary,


The children learn to read at a young age! and an unusual place!

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