March 2009

My dear American Friends:

Does this photograph remind you of the three musketeers? They are my brothers, by blood, and we are three musketeers for Christ. The shortest is my elder brother and the tallest is my younger brother and we are all ministers of Christ. My younger brother and I am preachers and my elder brother is an elder of the Central Christian Church. I have another younger brother serving as an elder of a Christian Church in America. We are standing in front of the Church which my father ministered about 90 years ago. It has a memorial stone which has the history! Us, the CHAE BROTHERS have lived rather complicated lives(I call it 'bombed' lives). My elder brother was in three armies. He was conscripted by the Japanese Army, captured by the Russian Army, returned and served Korean Army. I was in two armies, I was forced to join North Korean Army, refused, imprisoned, escaped and fought with the South Korean Army, and so forth. My youngest brother broke his leg during the Korean war, refused to be accepted by the medical schools because of his leg, and became computer specialist and Church elder. But we all joined Christ's Army and still in the active service.

From Christ's Army, we can not retire. My wish is to die at the pulpit while preaching. I have had three serious surgeries, so I am actually living three lives. Actually, one doctor says that my struggle against head-ache caused by the Shingles I suffered a few years ago is helping me to survive and revive!! the scriptures say "though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day." My life is like RUNNNG FROM THE THIRD BASE TO THE HOME PLACE! It's an exciting time and it's a rewarding time!

Yes, our "outward man is perishing", but "the inward man is renewed day by day(II Cor. 4: 16)" And with the inward eyes, like the scripture says we are seeing "things which are not seen." Though our economical world is crumbling down, our spiritual world is reviving. I am happy to say that Korean Christian Churches are experiencing another revival! Even our Children's Home is experiencing revival too, as more than a half of our children want to be missionaries when they grow up. I just had a birthday and many of our grown up children came to see us, with their own children and even grand-children. More than 1000 children grew up in our Home and MANY OF THEM ARE MINISTERS, SOCIAL WORKERS AND MISSIONARIES. Some of them started new Churches and some of them started Children's Home themselves and we are thankful that they learned to care for the others.

And THEY ALL CALL ME 'FATHER.' In our Home, fifty years old men and women, who are working with me, call me 'Father', and five years old children call me 'father'. even one year old babies call me 'father' when they learn to speak, and I feel that it's keeping me younger. Actually, raising many children, 'unseen things are so much more important than the 'seen things.' Things like 'love' 'faith' 'hope' are so much more important than 'height and weight' 'success' 'income' and things like that. I saw one of our daughters, when she was very small, scoop up something by her little spoon and eat by the oriental paper window and there was nothing in the spoon. I asked her what she was eating and she answered "I am eating the sun-ray." There was a little hole in the oriental paper window, and a ray of sunshine was coming through the little hole. She was scooping it and drinking it. SHE WAS EATING THE SUN-RAY. That's what we need in time like this. We need to live by eating the 'unseen' spiritual things!

It's still very cold outside, weather-wise and atmosphere-wise. In fact, NORTH KOREAN THREAT IS GETTING WORSE everyday. They publicly announced that they will abolish all the past treaties and ready to take action. It's the darkest world, but like someone said It's the darkest when the day-break is near. One of our children said, "the spring comes from under the snow." So God must have prepared something nice, something better for us. Praise the Lord!

Yours because of Calvary,


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