March 2010

My dear American Friends.  

Sometimes, I feel like to cry out to God "HELP!." I have lots of problems myself, and then pastors have to carry some of their Church member's problems...I have to carry problems of all my 82 children, and then there are problems of our 1000 students, and Lord knows how much problems my radio message audience call in... And then I think of Jesus Christ Who carried the sin of all the world on the Cross, and yet, He cared for the repenting thief by his side, his mother in flesh, his beloved desciple, John, and also He prayed even for the hating crowd down below "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." When I think of Jesus Christ on the Cross, ALL MY TROUBLES FADE AWAY and I am only grateful to God.
March is usually wedding season in Korea. When the cherry trees bud and azaleas blossom, number of Church young people come and ask me to hold their weddings. Some couples prefer Korean style and many prefer western style weddings. One reason may be that western style wedding is cheaper and shorter by time. Actually, formal western wedding may not be so cheaper, nor shorter. Personally, I like formal Christian weddings, which include even communion service, so that I can mention becoming one body SHARING ONE BLOOD etc. Actually, I have a sort of wedding message formulas: For instance; marriage should be 1 + 1 = 1 and then it can grow to 1 + 1=10, or 1 by(multiply) 1=100. Even when it becomes, in later time, 1 - 1=2, that is even when one is gone, it will still be like two people living together happily.
When I started this Bible College, our students were so poor that they didn't have anything to start a family with. They didn't have money to buy wedding dress, nor money for hotels, nor cars, not even wedding ring. So I took offerings to arrange their hotal rooms, wedding dress and drove them around the city with colorful tapes on my wagon car. One time a police stopped me. I asked him why and he said "You can not decorate a car like this..." Anyway, for that particular couple I wedded on that day, I loaned even a wedding ring. And he actually did return the ring after the wedding so that I could use it again for ANOTHER COUPLE WHO HAD NO WEDDING RING.
This year, the Lunar New year's day and my birthday as well as Valentine's day fall on the same week, so I took my 82 children and some 20 workers to a buffet restaurant where they can eat as much as they want. Actually, the restaurant owner do not like us to bring all the children, as they eat too much, but since there are some people like my wife and I who really can not each much, I actually forced the restaurant to open their tables for our children. We usually make two or three trips to the food court, but our children made ten to fifteen trips and the RESTAURANT HAD TO CLOSE THEIR DOORS EARLIER. I felt sorry to the owner, but he thanked me for the wonderful fellowship.
You will be surprised to find how many times Jesus' meal-time fellowship and teaching was recorded in the Bible. The family who talk much in the meal table is a happy family. Martin Luther, a religious reformer, a happy husband and father of six children, talked so much in the table that his talk at dinner was published as a book. Our children of Geon Christian Children's Home usually come from homes (if they had homes) where they had to eat alone. So when they have a chance to eat with the other children, they eat a lot. In fact, first time when they came to our Home, some of them would NOT GO TO SLEEP UNLESS they hold a spoon or piece of bread in their hands...they want to make sure that they have something to eat when they wake up in the morning.
One child came back from school with a slightly wounded arm. He said that he tried to force the subway train's automatic door open. Sometimes the children do that. I guess we all do that...trying to force automatic doors open, like we struggle to solve the problems by force. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS JUST TO WAIT, and the doors will be opened by God automatically! I confess that 'waiting' is one of my weak points. But then again, I think of Jesus on the Cross, who has been waiting  for us,  for ages.
Yours because of Calvary,

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