March 2011

My dear American Friends:

I know not a few people whose lives swallowed up their death in victory., just like Jesus did, and Paul did. I am thinking of our fellow preacher, Brother Lah who passed away recently by cancer. He never lost his humor, never stopped singing hymns and he preached to the last day of his victorious life. I am also thinking of Sister Song, one of our Orphanage workers who passed away last year also by the cancer. She worked for the children as long as she could move her arms. I could see her light burning forth through the pain. She even composed Christian songs for the children even when she could not hold the pencils any more. Who says ‘death conquerors everything.’ I HAVE SEEN FAITH CONQUERING DEATH! "O death, where is thy sting. O death, where is Thy victory..."(1Corinthians 15: 54-55)

Talking about the victory of faith, the other day, I was asked to talk about 'Christian Faith' to a Social Club, and the following was mainly what I said, Fifty years ago, Korea perhaps was the poorest country in the world... actually the second poorest according to an encyclopedia. It was right after the war, and we were almost entirely depending on the foreign aid. Some people even tore off foreign aid shoes, tore off sole, boiled in a soup and sold as lunch. The leftover food from American troops was very popular meal. But now they say, Korea is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In fact, Korea, they say, sends out the second largest number of missionaries around the world!. The reason, I feel, is that Korean Christians, no matter how poor they may be, never neglected to tithe! Even though they may have had nothing to eat, they still LEARNED TO TITHE and SEND MISSIONARIES. I remember meeting a Korean missionary family in the jungle of Malaysia! So now Korea is perhaps the wealthier country and is sending more missionaries than most of the other Christian countries!

They do what they call 'the TITHE OF THE TIME.' They have 24 hours to live in a day, so they try to give at least two hours of their lives to God every day. For instance, they wake up 5 in the morning, go to Church and a prayer meeting and spend at least one hour of prayer and one hour of service to the others, such as cleaning the streets etc. Most of the Korean Churches have what they call 'DAWN PRAYER MEETING.' 5.30 in the morning. Korean winters are so cold and Churches can not afford heating, so I used to see little icicles in front formed by their tears and breath. This is what I call "tithing of time."

I also encourage our children of Geon Christian Children's Home to tithe. They don't have much, and they don't get much -- perhaps some allowance which I give to them. It may be no more than US 5 Dollars, still they give a tithe, that is, 50 cent of it. I believe that this is going to be their KEY OF SUCCESS no matter what they do in future.

Another key of success I try to teach our children is to 'USE WHAT TALENT OR FAITH THAT YOU HAVE.' Don't just carry them, use them. For instance, if they have faith, use them and don't carry in pockets. Like a language, if you learn to use what little you know, it will keep growing. The other day, while I was riding a subway car, I saw a bunch of foreign young people arguing and fighting in the subway train. They were even making fun of school girls using some lewd language. I was about to go to them and stop them, but before I knew I saw an old lady approaching them and shout "I am a Christian, ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?" That's all she kept saying... perhaps that's all the English she knew. But she eventually broke up the gang and their activities. And I was inspired and encouraged by her action. Actually that's all the Christian language we might know, but it can be a great weapon like she did. So 'Use your faith,' I say. Use it before they rot in your pocket or in mind.

Yours because of Calvary,


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