March 2012

My dear American Friends:

February was the busiest season for an Orphanage Director. The new school year starts in March and we have to prepare all kinds of things for the new school year. Not only their clothings and uniforms, but also new text books, notes, pencils, erasers, pencil cases and school bags. In addition, shoes, rainshoes, umbrellas and what not. It's the busiest time of the year.

Actually, not a few children graduate Kindergartens, Elementary schools, Jr. Highs and High Schools and we have to run from one graduation celemony to another with armful of bouquets, and handkerchieves to wipe their tears. Particularly our children shed tears a lot on their graduation, because they had no hope of graduation until they came to our Home...THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAD A PART IN THEIR LIVES at our Home.

When they start to shed tears, I often have to use handkerchieves for myself before I give to them. There are a couple of other places where I have to wipe my tears. One is at the graduation ceremony and the other is at the recording booth of the radio messages to North Korea. I think of the people who may be listening at the basements or the mountain tops covering themselves with blankets in order not to be heard from outside, and listening with tears in their eyes. And if they ever get caught listening, THEY WILL BE IMPRISONED. When I think of them, it brings tears to my eyes. In fact, they sing hymn in the tune of the North Korean military tunes, and I don't mind. Because we are soldiers of the Cross anyway.

You may have already read, but even at this moment, there are at least 34 North Korean defectors who were caught by the Chinese police and the Chinese government, being a communistic country in sympathy with North Korean government, are about to cargo-truck them back to North Korea, where certain death is waiting. We are crying for them, praying for them and fighting for them. Also we are crying and doing everything to save starving North Korean children. We are taking care of 11 of them in our "House of Love." There are just TOO MANY THINGS TO CRY FOR in this world.

One of the Korean Christian Newspapers wrote about us, my wife and I and our activities. They chose the title, (I am not sure if I like it,) "While searching for his father's murdered body, he became a father of many orphans." Actually, there are spaces of a few years between the two occasions, but it's true that the former incident became one of the motives of my being an orphanage director. Also included were two other pictures. One is the picture of our children's creation on our wall with pen-handles, tooth brush and what not. And another is 'A WISH TREE' where our children write what they want to be when they grow up, on the paper fruits. I am happy to report that there are not a few children who want to be missionaries when they grow up. Also I found a wish to be a good cook, and a house-mother. If I ever find a wish to be an orphanage Director, I can retire before long. I am beginning to have some physical problems, and I am reading the wish tree everyday.

I used to have a good set of tires, head lights and a workable engine. Now I am beginning to have problems especially in lights and carburetor... that is, my eyes and teeth are giving me troubles. And my meal times are not exactly joyful time. I am looking forward to live in the "house not made with hands, when our earthly house is dissolved (II Cor. 5:1)"

Please pray for;

1. Our 6 children who grew up and are stepping out to the world! warm or cold!

2. 34 defectors from North Korea in China that they will not be forced to go back!

3. When YOON KWON CHAE leaves this world, it will be at the pulpit.

Yours because of Calvary,


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