March 2013

My dear American Friends:

We have just graduated 183 students from Seoul Christian University.(137 graduates and 46 post-graduates) And they will be all over the world spreading the Love of Jesus Christ. Some of them may be great preachers, great social workers and powerful missionaries and save thousands of lost souls. But I know one of our past graduates who saved one soul in his life and he is, to me, just as great preacher as any others. He became sick of cancer before his graduation. He received his diploma at the hospital bed and passed away soon after. But at his death-bed, he reached out to a patient lying in a bed next to him, talked to him, prayed with him and finally saved his soul! I know that GOD IS LOVING HIM IN HEAVEN, just as much.

As I look back my past ministries, there were years when I was able to reach out thousands, but there were years when I had hard time reaching out only one soul, but they were just as great years as any others. There were faster years and slower years... important thing was that I was going ahead with Jesus. Because IT was really Jesus who was preaching through me and working through me. There were time when I hung a drum on my neck and shouted to the market place like a crazy man... now I am rather slow and trying to talk Gospel to people near me and just watch them to grow in faith. Fast or slow, IT WAS JESUS' WORK AND VICTORY. Praise the Lord! And I am not discouraged.

Talking about the speed, I was driving the other day to an appointment rather fast on the icy road. As I was turning, another car slid into mine and wrecked my car almost totally. But I am all right and LEARNED A GOOD LESSON. I read somewhere that when Christians are driving faster than allowed speed, start to sing the hymn "Glory to me" as a warning. When he is driving much faster, start to sing "In the sweet, by and by". If he starts to drive much over the limit, sing "I am coming Lord!" Korean Christians are good praying in cars. They usually pray aloud before they start to drive. Now, we need to learn to sing while driving.

March is also a month to receive new students. We interviewed over 200 new students last month. When I interview new students, there is one question I usually ask the candidates. "HAVE YOU EVER HAD YOUR PRAYERS ANSWERED?" I feel that a person who wants to be the Lord's servants need to have this spiritual experience and confidence that God answers prayers! This confidence becomes "power within him or her" and will make him swim through the waves of the Christian College life and the world. One problem is that Korean Christians are often too humble about their religious experience and often hesitate to answer "I believe" or like Paul said "I know Whom I have believed!."

Last Feb. 10 was a Korean Lunar New Year's Day. All our children dressed up in beautiful Korean dresses, including the twins, and participated in the Korean traditional bowing to the elders. In fact, some of our bigger girls attended what we call "ETIQUETTE CAMP" last winter where they learned many time-honored etiquettes; not only how to bow, how to speak to the elders, how to act in the presence of the elders and even how to present gifts. When Korean people give a gift, they would usually humble not only themselves, but even the gifts saying "this is nothing," while westerners might say "what a good gift it is."

North Korea tested their nuclear weapons threatening the peace of the world, especially and immediately threatening the peace of Korea and Asian countries. We do not know what will happen from here. But I know something that is so much more powerful than the nuclear bombs. It's the POWER OF THE GOSPEL and we have been doing all we can, to build the Power of Gospel within everyone whom we come into contact through radios, books, schools and children.

Yours because of Calvary,


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