March 2014

My dear American Friends:

Spring comes from children. As I see their faces, somehow they brighten up...more sunshine and also more pets follow our children. Actually, our children have more friends among animals than ordinary children. (One child petted even a worm. Would you believe me if I had to conduct a funeral of a cat?) In fact, a couple of our children want to be animal doctors when they grow up. In fact, one child wants to be a MISSIONARY TO ANIMALS when he grows up. He has a theory that Daniel preached to the lions when he was thrown into the lions' den.... no wonder the lions had neither nerve nor chance to eat him. Actually, his theory encouraged me to be busier for Christ.

It's Graduation season, I am running everyday attending our children's graduation ceremonies with flowers. They usually shed tears thinking of many difficult days until they were able to graduate. I am proud of all the children I raised in our Home, but the ones I appreciate the most are not really the famous ones, neither scholars nor doctors, but actually social workers like orphanage house-mothers. Actually, most of them are never married.(somehow they feel that they lose the touch with the children when they are married.) I know one usually nicknamed 'HUGGING MOM'. She hugs every children whether she knows them or not. She even heals the sick children by hugging. I bet she is the most famous person in her area of work.

Actually, when she came to us as an abandoned baby many many years ago, she was almost dead being abandoned in our porch (only with a name in a paper) on a cold winter day. Her body was dead cold and she neither smiled nor cried and she refused to drink or eat anything. I kept hugging her, kept on HUGGING FOR TWO DAYS AND NIGHTS. After two days and nights, she started to eat, and gave us the most beautiful smile I ever saw. She finally knew that somebody loved her. And now, she is the famous 'hugging mom.' Actually, I feel that the children's smile, especially the children's cry is the expressions of their faith. They wouldn't cry unless they know that someone will come to help.

Crying to God is also the expression of our faith. We cry through prayers, because we are desperate, but also believe that God listens to our prayers. I remember when I faced strong walls (dead ends) during my ministry.... when I was not going anywhere, and people refused to respond, I went to the mountains, usually fasting prayer gardens, to cry to God. I cried to God fasting for days. And when I came down and preached, somehow people started to cry. So, go ahead, cry to God. "CRY TO GOD" was my sermon title last Sunday.

I have been asked by a newspaper why I started an orphanage and my answer was Matthew 25: 32-46. Because there were "...the HUNGRY, the THIRSTY... the NAKED, the SICK... and those in prison...." That was all, that is all and that will be all. We do prison ministry also, but of course, we do not take care of prisoners. However, we have children whose fathers or mothers are in prison and they do get lonely, as lonely as prison cells. I can never take place of their fathers and mothers, but our Heavenly Father certainly can fill their empty hearts. So, we are doing our best "to die and let Christ live within us", and then within our children's hearts, so that our children will meet their real Father, especially at this Graduation season. One of our children asked me why I am called 'Brother Chae'. And I answered, 'Because we have the same Father, our Heavenly Father!


1. My wife, KOOK JA, She had a shoulder bone surgery the other day and now at home healing..

2. SHIN, YOUNG AE who wants to be a missionary, especially missionary to animals.

Yours because of Calvary;


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