March 2015

My dear American Friends:

Present is present. The fact that I am living now is the great present from God! Many people died yesterday hoping to see today. And the fact that I am loving God and being loved by God is the best present that we can ever hope for. I have been sick by flu last week and our twin girls wrote me letters saying "I love you and God loves you." (They are learning to write. In fact, this is THE FIRST LETTER they ever wrote in this world.)

I think that I caught flu by standing outside in this cold weather waiting our children to graduate. And our graduating children are not one or two. For instance, this year, 6 are graduating High Schools, 4 are graduating Middle Schools and 4 are graduating Elementary School. And I have to be there. If I am not there, THEY DON'T HAVE A FATHER. So, I try to be there no matter what, cold wind or hot wind.

Our Christian University is also sending out 153 graduates to the world. I preached at the Commencement service and I apologized, as I congretulated, because they are going to carry the crosses to the death. I told them that their real graduation is at the end of their lives and the TUITION IS THEIR LIVES! I must say that our tuition is the most expensive, because we require their lives! Actually, one of our graduates this year started forty days fasting prayers. After ten days of fasting, everything look like foods. I know it, because I experienced it, and at our Geon Home, I nursed not a few preachers who fasted for forty days.

These days, I often preach to the retired preachers. (We have a group called Senior Preachers Association and I was President one time). The other day, I preached on the theme of 'LIP'S MISSION'). As older ministers, we don't have much use of eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet. But our lips can always be active. And it is our duty to use the lips to proclaim the Providence of God. For instance, there were not a few times, when we didn't have food to feed our children. And there were not a few times when the last minutes help came. “GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES” is my testimony and that's my lips' evangelism. And that's what God commanded to the people of Israel to keep reminding people that God saved them by the blood of the Lamb in Egypt and at Golgotha.(Exodus 12)

To our children, most of all, I try to give them courage to stand up again. That's something that I learned while I was studying in the western world. When a child falls down, Korean mothers will do everything to help and aid him or her to stand up again. When a child falls down in the USA for instance, the parents usually do not aid, but say "YOU CAN STAND UP" and encourage him or her to stand. It's that courage that I am trying to imprint in the heart of our children... kind of courage that Joseph had, kind of courage that Paul had. I said, at the morning devotion of our workers, "the best things that we can give to our children is "faith" and "courage."

We have a worker in our Children's Home who has a big scar in her face. She was burnt in a fire when she was growing up. When children ask her why and what it is, she answers "It's my medal of honor." And not a few children wanted to have scars themselves.

Please pray for;

1. Some of our missionaries in China whose Visas had been denied.

2. Our University graduates, especially ones who started FORTY DAYS FASTING PRAYER.

3. One of our new babies who has hemophilia.

Yours because of Calvary,


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