March 2016

My dear American Friends:
As someone who is raising many children, I see many children who fall and stand up again. They say that there are three kinds of mothers, when their children fall. Western Mothers usually encourage the child to stand up by himself, or herself; Asian mothers usually go help him or her to stand up and African mothers fall beside the fallen child and show him or her how to get up again. I feel that all three attitudes have strong and weak points, but I rather like the African way, to show him or her the example of how to stand up. I have been trying to do it to our children a few times and someitmes I had to fall in the mud or even in the snow. I was cold, but our children appreciated it..

However, spring is coming. One of our children brought test papers from school some time ago. And one of the questions asked "what happens when the snow melt?" and lots of students answered "water," but one of our children wrote "spring." He didn't receive 'right' mark, but I think that he was right. God sends 'spring' for sure when the snow melt.

"Why don't you start a Church in your house?", I asked Brother Yo. He met Jesus several years ago, but it took him some years until he decided to be baptized. In the mean time, some kind of skin-disease developed on him and it became so bad that he did not want to come out of house anymore. That's when I made the suggestion and proposed to use his bathtub to be baptized and he agreed. I had to squeeze him a little when I lowered him in the bath tub, but it was a glorious baptism and his house-Church has been growing.

Talking about squeezing, I had to do it many times when we baptized not a few North Korean defectors and visitors in the hotel rooms of China. We had to do it secretly. But before that time, We baptized some in the Yalu river which is the border river between China and North Korea. And of course, we chose hidden area as much as possible, but there was always danger of being spotted by the North Korean border guards, in which case, we were good target to be shot at, of course. So, it was life-risking experience. Actually, baptism is always life-risking experience, as we dedicate our lives to Christ, and become new persons!

I am enclosing a picture of a sculpture of Jesus which was given to me, sometime ago, at the border of China and North Korea. It was sculptured by a hidden North Korean Christian. Of course, he had to sculpture hiding, and from imagination, as there were no pictures of Jesus Christ anywhere. And if he ever was found making it, he usually explained "I am carving Lenin.(early Communist revolutionist)" But actually, he was carving Jesus Christ in his heart. And he brought it to me secretly walking three days over the border trying to hide from all guards. He wanted to give it to me as the evidence that there are Christians in North Korea and that they need our prayers. "Why the laughing Jesus?" I asked and his answer was "In a country like North Korea, which is frozen by the serious dictatorship, the people need the Saviour to laugh." I need the Saviour to laugh for me, when the situation gets tough, and I see serious faces all around me. We need Him to say, "You can get up" as He laughs for me. North Korea is suffering! Asia is suffering. I want millions of Asians to see, to meet Jesus and hear Him to say "You can get up again," as He laughs at the suffering and difficulties which are stopping them.

I have a younger friend who used to be a PT teacher, but he fell from a high iron bar which paralized him neck down. He believed and was baptized and became a good Christian. He always says, "Whether I am standing or falling, I am always embraced by His mighty Arms. So, I keep telling to my children,"'Don't be afraid of falling. You can always get up again'"!

Yours because of Calvary,


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