March 2017

My dear American Friends:

When the world turns cold, God always waits for us with the warmer spring. And surely spring is coming this year also with all its bridal flowers. And our children, especially the babies have been waiting for it too... There have been too many cold days and they had to watch the world change through the windows. 

Actually, I also belong to the age group who like to watch the winter go by through the windows. I write more in winter than preaching. And now that the winter is passing, I am getting ready to go out and do more preaching. Actually I have been invited to do more preaching from the Churches in Japan, China and in the United States. One well known American missionary named "Clark" shouted to his Japanese students "Boys! be anxious!" which awakened Japanese Christian young men many years ago, and I am about ready to shout "Olds! be ambitious!" I think it was Joshua who shouted in prayer, "God! give me this mountain(Josh. 14:12)." I have been shouting, all my life, "God, Give me Korea, Give me Asia!" I am still shouting in my mind "GOD, GIVE ME KOREA, GIVE ME ASIA!" I am afraid that my shout did not reach too far so far, but I am still shouting. Anyway, Lord gave Light, Love and Life to the least, lost, and the last I met in my life in Asia! Praise the Lord!

However, physically I realize that I can not do all that I want to do and used to do. I can still preach, I can still write, I can still love and take care of my children at Geon Home, but I keep forgetting and can't travel as much as I used to do, so I am turning some of my responsibilities over to my son, JOHN CHAE. He will be a missionary of KCGM. He may write my newsletters and take care of our children and Churches. Please encourage him, pray for him and support him and love him as you did to me. It may be very difficult for him at first, but I am sure that he will be used to it and do a good job.

I knew a Church elder who carried a bag, as he comes to Church, which we felt too big and heavy with a big Bible. One time, we advised him to change to smaller Bible and smaller bag. He refused and answered, "still it is lighter than the sin I used to carry." So, the bag may be big, but his heart is light and happy.

One time, I reported that my elder brother is critically ill. He is now in the Intensive care unit. He has been my co-worker and helper for many years and has been the head of the family since our father was killed by the communists during the Korean war. He himself was conscripted by a few occupying forces in his life. First, our country was occupied by the Japanese and he was conscripted by the Japanese government and then he was sent to Russia and was caught by the Russians and had to fight for them too. When Korea gained the independence, and when the war started by the North Koreans, he joined South Korean Army and fought. But the Army that he was the most proud to fight was CHRISTIAN ARMY and he was at the front line for more than fifty years. He is now 92. I think.

I am happy to report you that our library construction finished! And that is the second best place I want our children to be! And they are there reading the Word! Of course, the first best place is the Church and our children cannot be there unless they memorize more than a few scriptures all the time. Right in front of our Church building, there is a big picture of God parting the Red sea through Moses. No one can enter the chapel without looking at it. My hope is that our children's future will be PARTED LIKE THE RED SEA!

Yours because of Calvary,


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