March 2018

My dear American Friends:

I am afraid that I have still been In and out of the hospital and I havn't done much last month other than taking care of 70 children and 15 babies and some teaching and preaching. I talked a lot about sick people around Jesus a whole month until they became sick, and then they said that they found out real Jesus. They said that when they found out who Jesus is, then they knew what Jesus did. They even fouud out who they are!

Our Olympic is almost over. There are many beautiful stories and unfinished stories that I shall be writing for monthes in future, or rather, history will be recording with tear or smile, but I think the the most beautiful story is the story of the united hockey team of the South and North Korea. They decided to organize one team out of two completely different idologies...Democracy and Communism...and they worked out beautifully. They had no time to practise together. They had ONE COACH. They didn't even have no ball(I don't even know how you call it). And they made only one successful GOAL! But they all hugged and cried when they had to part! Even one coach, who was an American, cried. This was the most beautiful, most heartfelt sciene to me.

And it taught me a lesson that no matter how different we may be, no matter how far we may be apart, as long as our creator Is one and our Heavenly Father is one, we can be one in Christ, and we need to be one in Christ. I will work to be one in Christ, even if it may cost me my life trying to accomplish people and the whole people in Asia!

I am enclosing a picture of our children in Korean suits on Lunar New Year,which was middle of February, and here's a bunch of Christian soldiers whether the world is ready or not. The other day, I was riding a taxi alone, and the driver,seeing me alone, talked to me, "You must be lonely in this crowdy world" He would be surprised if I start to count names of people I care children, my students, co-workers and what not... In a way, I am a toast burn all over. But like we used to say about the burnt torst in the Army camp "Thank God, we are burnt only one side." I still feel like "I am burnt only one side" and another side is left fresh."

One of the first missionaries to Korea, Appenseller, remained in the only boat and died while saving the other korean preachers saying "It's you who will save the future of Korea!". He is one of he persons I respect the most and another missionary Thomas who gave out a Gospel tract to the person who was killing him while saying "Take this, and it will save you and your country!"

Yours because of Calvary,


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