March 2019

My dear American Friends:

You may wonder why you did not hear from me yet. The answer is that I have been in the hospital. In fact, today is the first day that I am out of it, but I am not free from surveillance. They said that I almost went over the line to meet my Lord. Every time when something like this happens, I am so glad that I have been teaching the TRUE AND GREAT GOD to many young people and raising the Biblical teachers all my life.

I missed many things being in the hospital in addition to the lovely smiles of our children, but it’s good place for praying and planning for the good ending. You might say that I prayed out and I am turning over the Field Directorship of the KOREA CHRISTIAN GOSPEL MISSION over to my son, JOHN WOOSIK CHAE. I am planning to turn in my resignation at the annual Board Meeting, and if accepted, he will take the Leadership. My wife and I will keep on taking care of the children, there is no doubt about it, but the other responsibilities may be done by him mainly.

While I was in the hospital, many things happened. I missed not only many important meetings, but also cherry blossoms and journey among them with our children and some birthday celebrations of our children. To our children, birthdays are important...they may not know their parents and miss them, but we celebrate their birthday anyway. We don’t know some of their birthdays, but we make them up and celebrate anyway. In fact, during the war-time, when surviving was rare, we used to celebrate three week’s birthday and 100 days’ birthdays, now we celebrate one-year birthday, but we celebrate it big... special dress, thanksgiving worship, food, ceremony, etc…

In fact, while I was in the hospital, I planned for the birthday parties of two babies who came to us in baby boxes one year ago. They were almost dying. To me, only their eyes were alive and their eyes were saying “Help me please!” I cried when I prayed! But now, they are one-year olds and beautiful babies. They walk, run and even speak and sing! I cried many times, but now they are smiling, Praise the Lord!

It seems that the true and final peace is having birth pain in Korea. But you and I know that the true and complete peace is possible only in Christ, through the Love of Jesus Christ! That’s why we keep loving and preaching! That’s why, we love you and you love us! Thank you for keep loving us and supporting us. God bless you always and forever.

Yours because of Calvary,


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