May 2005

My dear American Friends: 

His eyes were bloodshot. He kept reading Bible day and night for three days. We advised him to rest. And he answered, "How can I rest when I can not read it any more when I return to my country." He was an illegal visitor from North Korea. He stayed with our missionaries in China and kept reading the Bible. He said, "I wish I could IMPRINT ENTIRE BIBLE IN MY EYES." This is a story I heard from Miss Min, one of our Korean missionaries to China-North Korean border and that's how hungry and thirsty some North Korean Christians are after the Word of God.

The number may not be many, but there are Christians in North Korea. And they are risking their lives worshipping God, actually being a Christian. I heard that some of the earlier customs practiced among Christians in the Roman persecution era are presently practiced in North Korea, such as the sign of fish.... they have their SECRET HAND-SHAKE by holding each other's wrists. Still they are trying to do their best for the Lord. One Christian wrote us secretly, "As a new Christian, I want to tithe... but we hardly have any income... we hardly have anything to eat." One of our Korean missionaries wrote him back, "You can eat your tithe." I visited the bordering towns of the North Korean border twice and I plan to visit again next July.

When I had a chance to visit North Korea last time, I tried to talk to them, in spite of strict warning against it. But I had hard time finding anyone who would respond. They would not talk back. They are afraid to talk. I would be afraid to talk back too, because they know that someone will report to the comrades. It is well known fact that, in North Korea, ONE OUT OF FIVE PEOPLE is secret government spy and that they are listening everywhere. They are afraid to talk even to the family members. There is an oriental saying that "The walls have ears," and that's the way it is in North Korea.

Talking about NOT TALKING, many of our children of Geon Home did not talk much, especially when they first came to our Home. Of course, in case of our children, they became silent when they had no one to talk to, or because they found that talking was no use. Actually, they want to talk, they would talk to you once they get over the fear. They would talk to you even if you don't understand Korean... they would talk to dogs, cats, birds or even to cloud or foreigners (sorry placing foreigners here). I saw a child talking to a mosquito, once he got over the fear. I had a child who did not speak for a year, even if he knew how to, but now, HE CAN TALK YOU TO DEATH. Sometimes, I wondered why Jesus talked to the patients first when he healed... perhaps He tried to get them over the fear first.

According to our calender, May has Children's Day, Parents' Day, Teachers' Day, Becoming Adults Day, in addition to days such as May Revolution Day, Buddha's Birthday (I am afraid that this is National holiday too) and of course Pentecost! It's full of special days, and we are particularly interested in the Children's Day. WE HAVE A SPECIAL PRESENT on that day for our children. We are trying to pave our playground... not the real paving (which we can not afford), but hardening anyway. Our playground has been so dusty and muddy that, on rainy days, the mud used to grab our children's shoes. Also, I found that one reason for our children's sickness was the dust, so we decided to pave it... not the real paving as I said... (We begged the government to give us used cement blocks and they okayed it (is this English?). So our place will look different on Children's Day! And with spring flowers all over the place, our Home will be like a wedding hall! Some of our grown up children have difficult time finding affordable wedding hall... Now they can just march down our playground. Praise the Lord!

One of the dorm mothers came to me the other day and asked "teach me a prayer to say when I have to scold a child." She said that she has to scold children so many times, and she wants to say a prayer before she scolds. And I thought that it is a good idea. If every parents say a prayer before they scold, probably many souls of rebellious children or run-away children would be saved. It will truly be the rod of love. I thought about it all night and gave her a prayer.... In fact, I am thinking about publishing A PRAYER BOOK BEFORE SCOLDING... or before getting angry, before arguing, etc. 

Yours because of Calvary,


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