May 2007

My dear American Friends:

The month of May is a happy month, and at the same time, sad month for our children. It starts with THE CHILDREN'S DAY in Korea. All national parks are free, on that day, whether they are rich kids or poor kids, as well as the children in the orphanage, and most of the children either rich or poor go to the national parks. Lots of children get lost or being stepped on by the crowd. I instruct our children to hold hands no matter what, no matter where. So they hold hands even to the bathrooms.

And then comes THE PARENTS' DAY. All our children make paper flowers either at Home or at schools, and they wish they could pin them on their original parents, probably. It's sad when they can't find parents to pin them on. So, they pin on their dorm-mothers, grandpas and grandmas in the neighbours, and the orphanage father and mother like us. Our coats are usually decorated with all kinds of flowers on that day... paper flowers, real flowers, vinyl flowers, tissue flowers, newspaper flowers and what not. Some flowers even have small music boxes and our coats are heavy... perhaps as heavy as their sadness.

And it is difficult to preach about parents' love to our children. In fact, I did not talk about parents' love to our children for sometime, even on Parents' day. But now, I do. First, I tell them that their parents loved them no matter what happened. I know some of our children who were brought to our Home, because either their mothers or fathers were dying by cancer. Secondly, I tell them that we love them just as much as their real parents loved them. Thirdly, I challenge them that they should become good fathers and mothers. And then, I talk to them about the Love of our Heavenly Father. In fact, after listening my sermon on the Love of God, THERE WAS A BOY WHO PASTED A PAPER CARNATION ON THE CROSS OF OUR CHAPEL.

And then SPRING ALSO HAS EASTER!! You shall never know how much the resurrection means to the children who lost their parents! Once, there was a boy who asked me, "My father died in fire and we couldn't even find his bones. Can God raise him too, with a new body?" We read such scriptures as Isaiah 26: 19 together, and we concluded that if God can raise even "those who lie in the dust," surely God can raise his father with brand-new body! So, the Easter means so much more to the children of Geon Christian Children's Home.

Actually, our children are more concerned about the children in North Korea who might have been seperated from their parents by famine. Actually, in a strict socialistic country like North Korea, the goverment try to destroy even the parent-children relationship. They say "the loyalty to the nation or communistic party comes first," so they even PLANT SPIES IN THE FAMILY, and encourage the children to report and prosecute their parents... what a work of Satan! They need the Gospel more than anything else. I am enclosing a photograph, rather dark photograph because it was dark at night, of some of our young men sending bundles of Gospel tracts to North Korea by balloons.

Right now, our Geon Children's Home is in red-alert...or rather red-spot-alert. The chicken pox is going around. In a home like ours, it can spread very quickly. Every child I see, I search for the red-spot on their faces. Actually, I was alerted (is this English?) of my forgetfulness. The other day, I started off to an important meeting. Thinking that I forgot to lock our apartment door, I returned. But thinking that I came back home, I just entered and started to read books missing the meeting. I hope that something like this doesn't happen to you. But they say that the next stage is to forget what you forgot. And the next is to forget entire forgetting!, which really is a way to Heaven, they say. Either way, I think I am on my way to Heaven. OUR FORWARDING AGENT CHANGED; The new Agent is: Bro. Mike Schmidt, P.O. Box 9384, Fresno, CA 93792-9384. Phone (559) 275-2035 Million thanks to Lester & Donna LeMay for their thirty years of sacrificial service!

Yours because of Calvary, YOON KWON CHAE

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